Thia and that from Thailand. February 8, 2010

The farmers are burning off the stubble in their rice fields in preparation for planting their crops. The air smells of the burning and I cough a lot.

Travel journals like this usually relate the picturesque and mundane. I was never much into picturesque as any photograph of me will attest. The mundane however is my metier. In keeping with that, I have decided to share my morning walk with Hayden to his school. The capacity of my computer limits me to only about two photographs at a time, so here are the first two.

In the first one, we have just passed through the gate and turned right. Our wall is on the right. Most of the Thai neighbors have elegant gates as one can see on the left, behind which stands a house owned by a corrupt Thai banker. We on the other-hand have a cheap wooden gate without even an automatic gate opener. We must be the shame of the neighborhood. Every time I get out of the car to open the gate I fear a visit from the HOA.

In the second photograph, we have turned right at the intersection. Our wall continues on the right and we will eventually walk to the end of the street in the distance. On the left a woman is sweeping the street and sidewalk in front of the house where she works. A lot of that goes on here, even the subdivision with my $20 a month HOA fee sweeps the street. They do not fix the sidewalks or the streets however. Stay tuned for even more exciting photographs of this legendary trek.


February 5.

2010 9AM
Yesterday I learned from Nikki that Natalie’s real reason for not wanting me to drive the car was not the absence of insurance, but the fear that I will get into an accident with Hayden in the car. Since I have cut down on my intake of Prozac from 30mg to 20mg these insults are getting harder to take.

I am in an unpleasant situation. Tai seems about worthless for assisting me on my visa problems. I do not have enough money for the KL trip and must rely on Nikki. Natalie is plotting to find some way to be rid of me.

Today I will get a shave, take the car and go to Central to open the bank accounts. Need to complete forms for transfer of Social Security direct deposit. Need also to fill my Flowmax prescription.

Cannot seem to be able to keep-up with my work plans. Depression? Who knows.

Did manage to write a page or two of “A Case of the Joes”. A good start.

12 noon
Barber shop closed. Walked home. Took a nap. Awoke to what sounded Hayden calling me. Could not determine what it was. My plan to go to Central and open a bank account to direct deposit SS was frustrated by the information on the forms that the account would be a savings account, no ATM and no transfers. I could write checks however and use them to transfer my deposits every month to a checking account.

I still need to open a house account a personal account and get my medicines. So I guess I will go to Central now, stopping for my shave first.

Got my shave. Went to Central. Only 10,000 baht in Bank. Not enough for KL. Went to BKK Bank to open an account. They wanted a longer visa time than I had on my passport.

None of the pharmacies in Central had Flowmax or a Thai equivalent. Went to Big C. Pharmacist there found the Thai version. Cost 1300 baht for 30 pills.Depressed. Do not have enough money for KL.

Need to ask Nikki for a $400 loan.

Went to Hayden’s school. Early.

While waiting called Tai. She seemed distracted. Asked me for money. Said not until the 17th. Asked about her attempts to secure visa in BKK. She sounded annoyed when she said “I’ll go out later today”. Resolved not to call her until she calls back.

Went home with Hayden. He showered, ate and went out to play with Leo.

Researched Western Union on internet. Got occupied with massages, escort services and ladyboys. Felt guilty for giving in to the distraction and–I cannot think of the term.

Went down stairs and lit a cigar and started writing this. Maid brought dinner. Ate it. Hayden returned excited. Said he could ride his bike without training wheels. Insisted we take them off. Tried but did not have proper tools. Promised that I will try again tomorrow. He ate dinner. I returned to this.

February 6 2010.

Am in bed with Hayden reading his books. They are books with accompanying CD’s with a reciter so the children can read along with the speaker. His Favorite is “Santa Duck”. He also has “Run Turkey Run”, “Sam the Snowman” and “Curious George’s Christmas”.

Natalie is coming tomorrow. Dreading it. She will try to get money from me and make an issue of the car’s side-view mirror.

Today we went to the pool within the subdivision. Hayden played in the water and I played with my computer.

Spoke with Nikki tonight. Told me Nat was coming tomorrow. Her date cancelled.

Hayden went to school for his art class.

Called T tonight. Said her phone was not working. Had not met with whomever regarding visa.

February 7 2010.

1:30 PM
Nat. arrived at about 9:30 this morning bringing food and drink. More or less ignored Hayden and went to bed for a nap.

Walked Hayden to Leo’s. Spoke with Leo’s father Jerry. J. said he would take Haden and Leo on his motorcycle to school for a play . Returned home.

Nat up. Asked me for money to pay maid. Said, “I spoke to Nikki . He said he had”. N. responded that he had not sent it yet and went back into the house to change. N. left to pick up H. Brief discussion re: broken mirror on auto.

Made lunch of passion fruit juice, donkey sausage, parma. cheese and Italian processed ham.

They returned.

Still no word from T.

Nat. took Hayden for a haircut. Picked him up at school. It was to play not to a play. My bad. When they returned Hayden went to Leo’s house.

Hayden played with Mario a friend of Leo’s who was visiting. Leo was unhappy. Spoke with Jerry and his two friends for a few minutes. Returned home.

Nat left for manicure and shopping.

Water repairman came worked on water pump replaced a part, worked an hour charged $20. Checked the heat in showers. Said the pump cabinet switch things were misplaced most water was going through pipe with little force while the pipe with the switch that provided more pressure was on the less used pipe. Estimated fix would cost about $85. The prior waterman according to Nat charged her about $1300 and did not fix it. (I believe it was less than that and Nat. Pocketed the money). I paid $600 of it.

Nat. returned in a bad mood. Said the Bar had not yet opened (7PM). They needed her there to run it. This means she is planning to go back soon. We ate dinner. She complained that Nikki’s Parma cheese wedge was too large and he did not bring a grater. And so to bed.

February 8 2010.

Monday 8AM
Thought I would write early today. N. woke in a foul mood. Accused me of not buying or sending the things she ordered me to buy and send from SF. I did not want to tell her she was right, Anthony was supposed to. He said that his friend who is coming to Thailand (in March??) would carry them with him since it costs about $100 to ship. Assured her that they will arrive. She grunted. She insisted I drive Hayden to school and return about 9-9:30 because she had to buy flowers and fruit for the Buddha. She is the Buddhist equivalent of the fundamentalist Christian. Pray and believe and you are saved no matter what else you do in life.

I hope I will get some work done today and not be distracted by my porn obsession. Spent much of yesterday on dating sites trying to find a women tranny cheap enough to take care of me. I feel guilty about that, especially the tranny part. Nevertheless, I cannot get over how remarkably beautiful and sensuous some of them appear to be and how much I enjoyed my time with Isabella.

9:30 AM
Back home. Set up in Sala. Farmers are burning rice fields. Can hardly breath. Coughing. Upstairs the smell of the burning is strong. Maybe has something to do with N’s mood. Doubt it. I will try to ingratiate myself by mentioning it as the reason she feels so bad. Maybe it will get her to return to BKK.

Made an obvious discovery regarding my novel. Read instructions about how to write one first.

2 PM
Not enough money in my account to buy my tickets. Wrote to Nikki begging for help.

She “went shopping”. Cadged 1000 baht from me. Wanted more but I refused. You could buy a room full of food for 2000 baht. She left at about noon. Will probably not be back until 4 PM. Hmmmm… Do you suppose….. Nah, she is too busy working. That’s what it has always been called. Too snide. Sorry.

6:30 PM
a lot happened regarding the water (see emails to Nikki for the day).


From Ann Marie:

Dear Papa Joe,

I shared your email with Athena this morning on the way to school. I love your writing voice, I’ve never had the privilege of reading anything you’ve written before, she agreed that you’re a “very good writer.” We talked about how she gets her writing skills from both sides of the family. In fact I showed my English professor a book of poetry she put together last year, he raved about it saying she was just as good as some of his college students. She devours books like you wouldn’t believe. I’m very proud of her. Sometimes when it gets late and she won’t put a book down, I think of you and your mother when you were young. Athena smiles when I say “don’t be like papa Joe & read with a flashlight under your blankets when I leave. She says she wants to be a writer and photographer when she grows up.

Hope you are happy in Thailand, perhaps I’ll get over there to visit with you some day. In the meantime, take good care of yourself, and know that we love you. I would’ve liked to send you off properly with a nice family dinner, but Anthony told me you were too busy.
By the way I picked up all your photographs for safe keeping, and Anthony wanted to keep all your various awards and plaques, so they are all in my garage.

Sent with Love & well wishes,


PS I beg to differ about your journal not being “picturesque” I have many photos of you in Italy that speak very differently. And the picture of the farmers prepping their crops seems picturesque indeed. Thank you for sharing the “mundane” with me.

Joe’s response:

Thank you for writing and for reading my emails. I am so pleased with Athena’s progress and ambition. She not only reads and writes but as I have noticed she observes as well. The last time that I saw her at the garage sale she seemed suddenly to be much more mature and grown up that she had been.

Thank you and please also thank Anthony for being so considerate regarding my things. Tell him his friends here are waiting for him to return. By the way how is he doing?

As for the picturesque, I was speaking of my lumpy odd shaped face. I guess it can be considered picturesque if pictures of old junk yards can be considered so.

From Irwin:

wow! was i taken aback by your (today’s) photos of the street scene outside your home. the scenery is not what i had imagined. seems open space is at a premium there as well as in parts of the usa. i guess i had pictured something more “exotic” whatever that means….perhaps trails, lots of native vegetation, smelly dead bodies on the side of dirt roads with lots of flies and the like. but no matter. if you are happy i’m happy; well, that is, i’m happy for you!! i suspect that the “open space” is outside the subdivision as you mention farmers and “stubble” which is i assume not referring to peasants’ beards. what do they plant in their rice fields when they are not planting rice? given the tropical nature of the country i assume that there are lots of fruit trees, banana, etc. growing in the wild as well as in cultivated areas run by the local farmers’ collective (“kibbutz”).

i see you have picked up some new readers. i’m guess that the “bill gates” is not the bill gates. maybe soon you will need a meter program to see exactly how many people read your email messages. while i don’t update my blog(s) very often i do subscribe (free) to a program which keeps track of head count but as to accuracy i’m not sure. the problem with my “glowing man” blog is that i haven’t tied it to any distribution program so i have to send out an email to recipients (i keep a list) telling them that i have updated the blog – somehow this process doesn’t sound as my being very up-to-date with the 21 st century but i have my excuses;namely that i don’t read manuals or other forms of written instructions and consequently if the task isn’t something i can learn by trial and error i can’t learn it at all, or rather won’t try. i suspect (doing a lot of that lately) that because i use “blogger” which is the free google blog program i told you about instead of some hosted blog program which charges a fee that i suffer the distribution problem.

here the rain has stopped however i still can not see clearly. i was going to have cataract surgery on my left eye last year but postponed it to take care of the cancer. now i really don’t much care and the thought of any type of invasive treatment to my body leaves me cold – although a lobotomy might be rewarding. no, i don’t mean the dance. today’s photo from me is a photo i took of the “la la la lady” who sings (“la la la la”) as she walks along los jardines east. she may be thai. she is definitely asian – do the thais in your part of the world sing while they walk? maybe it’s an ethnic trait like jews hoard money (wish i had some. no, not jews. money!).

if you look up in the sky right now you might see a vapor trail of the satellite which was sent up this morning. i have fixed my scanner and am listening to the nasa frequency. the man said that it is now over japan and while i know that japan is not near thailand maybe it’s not that far away. actually, “fixed” is not the right word. the scanner wasn’t broke i just wasn’t receiving the station i usually listen to ( it’s a ham station where notwithstanding fcc guidelines and standards obscenity and indecency is foremost with several of the regulars bordering on the mentally incompetent and definitely socially cruel and gross. my kinda’ people). every once in a while i accidentally touch one of the buttons on the scanner and it goes out of wack to where i can’t receive any transmission from anywhere. thus comes into play my excuse of not reading manuals. so i spent a good fifteen minutes this afternoon pushing all of the buttons on the damn thing one after the other and finally by a stoke of luck it is now tunable to some frequencies where i can hear the voice of real people – my last wife lives upstairs and i downstairs so we seldom exchange a word except when i wander up the stairs to inquire what time i should have dinner ready. the timing never works out. she’ll say “one hour” and the next thing i know i’m back up the stair saying “it;s been more than an hour” and she isn’t downstairs yet. it’s little things like that which cause my misogyny to grow at an increasing rapid rate. by the way before i leave the subject of radio transmission you might enjoy having a short-wave radio given the location of your domicile. you haven’t written about tv coverage so i don’t know what you receive beyond bangkok bugaboo, the bbc and al jezeera. then again after having four wives, three children, being eighty thousand plus in credit card debt and building that palatial estate on world cup i am not certain how much baht you have left(i understand that one baht is equal to 0.03 c american) and may not be able to afford such luxuries as a $ 100 +/- radio. some day when you are in your cups and in a talkative and sharing mood i hope you tell me about your finances and how you pulled off this coup of yours which permits you to retire debt and work free in thailand. in exchange i might buy you that radio. i could purchase it on ebay and leave it to them to figure how to deliver it to you without having to hire an elephant and mahout.

yesterday, as is traditional, i was not invited to any superbowl party. so i stayed home and had a superbowl party for one. not being a football fan i did not know who to root for. i did not have chips and dip but i did consume some raw cashews and sparkling mixed berry flavored water from trader joe’s…..@ 89 c a bottle or 29.6 baht. i don’t know that the trader joe’s on brookhurst and hamilton in huntington beach will take baht but i guess i could ask on next shopping trip.


i’m not sure what she is carrying in her bag. usually the people here who carry bags on their walk are walking their dog(s). i can think of nothing much more than disgusting than picking up dog shit with a plastic bag (well i guess using one’s bare hands would be more revolting) which is why, among other reasons, we do not have a dog. my eldest son has two and i have never figured out where he got the unfulfilled desire to have a dog when he had his own household. he has told me that his kids are of the age to play with puppies but i have never seem my grandchildren go near the dogs. my youngest son, who is quite strange, also has a dog which i have never seen as i hardly ever see him – although we are suppose to go together to lucha va voom on thursday night to see mexican wrestling and if we are lucky they will also have the midget female stip tease ladies. i wonder if what they say about their genitalia is true.

in case the news hasn’t made chaing mai yet, michael jackson’s doctor is being arrested today for involuntary manslaughter. i thought you and yours might want to know that being such big fans of the deceased singer/pedophile. i confess. i did buy the thriller casette when it came out years ago and i had the (1989) oy1mobile which had a casette player unlike the more contemprorary (2004) oyonemobile which has a cd player. you will note the difference in spelling. i couldn’t bring myself to put the license plate (“oy1”) from the caddie, now deceased and crushed by the state of california, onto the olds and thus the plate on that reads “oy one”. the last time google came around to take street view photos i still had the cadillac: .

by the way. last night i had a vision of me opening a store in chaing mai where i would sell photos and a limited food menu. do they have business licenses in thailand and/or would i have to hire you to bribe a public official?

if you start a blog you could label it “re thai r ment” instead of “this and that…”.

i need a drink.

Joe’s response:


Your emails and blogs are the best. I am jealous. Mine are like lumps of wood compared to your living trees. Some times I do not respond for days while thinking about them. They make my day. God you’d think I was going to ask you for money with all this flattery. Maybe I will. After all, living exclusively on social security while girlfriend #1 (Hayden’s mother) tries to drain me of every last baht leaves me sinking in debt as always.

Thailand is no different than any other country where if you want to see the exotic and picturesque of the brochures you have either to leave the cities or go to a museum. What Thailand does have near to hand everywhere is massage and sex.

You have now asked me twice how is it that I do whatever it is that you think I do. That can be answered in one word, “RUN”. When the going get’s tough, Joey runs. I would rather die a thousand deaths given the alternative. It is those who stand and fight that die.

I now at this advanced age live in a world of three dooms. I love that word doom (words are such Hos, they will do anything for anybody at any time and for free). Dooooom. Stretch it out and it is one of the essential sounds emanating from the bowels of the cosmos like the Maharishi’s ohm. Any way my three dooms: First is the doom of retirement. I always believed that we (men at least) are held together by stress and fear gifted to us by our jewish caveman ancestors. Stressed because our hunt for food may fail and we and our families may starve to death. Fear because some woolly mammoth may emerge from the bushes and step on our head. If we stop to smell the flowers some saber-toothed tiger will immediately bite our sorry ass. Then about a hundred years ago they gave us “RETIREMENT” and for a brief moment the fear and stress we think disappears, then we die.

The second doom is the “REAL DOOM”. Earlier in our life death was some remote possibility, so we planed and dreamed (most (all) of which failed to occur). Now it is an onrushing certainty and planning at best means for that day and dreams are what happens (if we a lucky) in our sleep.

The third doom is what I call my personal existential doom. I live here in this place at the sufferance of my greedy, mostly insane ex-lover in whose name I stupidly placed the deed to the house. At any moment I can be out on my ass. And then what will I do? Run, I guess.

On that note, ciao for now.

From Irwin:

wassup?! i just returned from a rain-drenched trip to (a) the bank (nsf); (b) cvs drugstore (metamucil for me and protective undergarments for mom); (c) the liquor store to buy $10 worth of lotto tickets(“listen you oriental bastard sell me a winning ticket this time or i’ll cut off you f_____g pigtail!); and (c) bi-rite meats to buy fresh salmon for tonight’s dinner(i broiled it in pepper, dill and melted butter). i did take an umbrella when i left however the damn thing broke when i tried to open it up so my clothes are somewhat damp at this moment. fortunately for me a few hours earlier it was only cloudy and not raining so i did the 1 ½ mile walk routine but since it was cold outside (not dressed properly to face the fierce elements of fountain valley) i walked rather briskly which is what i am told one is to do for health reasons – perhaps it makes the heart beat faster but then again in my case so does sex (as i remember it) and fear.

today’s photo is not one of natural vegetation on the outskirts of the subdivision as there isn’t any natural vegetation since 1967 when the area was graded by george holstein – i always thought the name of that builder was somewhat ironic because prior to the residential development the area was either strawberry fields or dairies, the latter of course having “holdstein” cows. anyway both george and the cows are long gone. the photo shows some tangerines overhanging a neighbor’s back yard wall. i figured since i could reach them they must be public property and i did use the hooked end of my walking stick to secure one tangerine which i pealed and ate as i walked along. it was juicy but somewhat tart – i never ate a tart in spite of having dated a few in my day.

as far as my prose is concerned thanks for the complement but don’t underestimate the quality and worth of your literature. it’s meant quite a lot to me in the short time which you have been sending emails to the states. reading your exploits in a foreign country is exhilarating without my having to buy travelers checks or pack a bag. then too, please remember that i am a habitual plagiarist and have not an original thought, phrase or word in my head. having something to do as in responding to your emails has kept me from suicide as has the fact that i don’t have a license to buy a gun and furthermore think it’s a crime to have to spend $400 for a revolver to blow oneself away when for the same amount of funds one can buy a good italian dinner and a quality bottle of gettanera (sp?). if you want to seek some comfort about personal writing attributes see today’s new website so far i have read about five of van gogh’s letters to his brother theo and am still searching for some special artistic or aesthetic quality which set it apart and above from, say a letter i might write to my aunt edie were she still alive today. i guess it’s like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. or then again, maybe because the originals of the letters may be in dutch or french neither of which i have a firm grasp.

funny you should mention “social security”. earlier today i composed a letter to the social security administration expressing my curiouisity as to why my mother’s monthly social security check is ten dollars less than mine. shouldn’t it be a lot less? i have to believe that i worked longer and made much more money than did she and my step-father combined. i am hoping that i have been substantially underpaid by the federal government but my suspicions are that i have not and that my paltry #1298 bucks a month is just the nature of things. perhaps working for local government for eleven plus years is the cause of my financial displeasure, astigmatism and beaten brain.

i think you are right-on with this “doom” thing! in fact i think you are overlooking an opportunity to make a bundle. you should create a (men’s) board game (e.g. monopoly) titled “doom”. i can imagine some of the squares now as i roll the dice and watch my life being fucked before me with my very own eyes. somehow i think it’s also tied in with that story-joke i emailed to you earlier today about the “husband store”. the funny part about that joke is i believe it to be 100% true which is why, i guess, it is so funny and i think the male “doom” is because we gave women the right to vote.

it would seem that we both suffer from the same malady of attaching ourselves to women who are smarter and trickier than we are. this is obviously our downfall. why couldn’t it have been women who just liked sex, have money and drink beer instead of being analytical and clever; although i personally find it unattractive to see women drink from a beer bottle or to use one for that particular obscene act although i have seen worse in tijuana.

fino alla prossima volta,

From Stevie Dall:

Great kid! Re picturesque photos, if anyone had gotten a shot of us in 1978 stretched out across the Panoramic Trail in our respective inappropriate garb, dying of thirst while waiting for the Marsh family and Norbert with 3 week old Brian AND the canteen to catch up with us, THAT would have been picturesque.

From Joe to Nikki:

Natalie arrived Saturday breathing fire. Almost the first thing she did was to ask me for money to pay the maid. I told her that, I thought Nikki had. She sniffed, “I haven’t received it yet”. Usual complaints. Mostly ignored Hayden. Said she needed a nap because she was up at 3AM closing the Bar. She was better that evening.

Yesterday she went to get her nails done and to shop for food. The new waterman came and fixed the pump for 700 baht. Better pressure. Hot water now for all except my room. That shower is luke warm. He said that in order to get everything working properly we need to switch the mechanisms on the two pipe lines. The one on the less used pipeline would provide the better pressure and make even my room’s shower water hot. Said it would cost 2500 baht. I told him I would get back to him on that. When I told Nat. she told me to go ahead and pay for it. I think she has lost interest in it because there is no money in it for her. By the way she got angry at you for bringing a cheese wedge that big because it was too big to be grated. And besides you forgot to bring a cheese grater. (I am not kidding. she was upset.)

I am afraid I am going to need your help financially sooner than I thought I would. She has wheedled out of me over 4000 baht since she has arrived (1300 for the “old waterman, 1000 for the new, 2000 for food). Now I do not have enough in my account for my airline tickets. Even if I delayed my trip to the 17th I would not know if the deposit would be booked that day and I will be fucked.

Joe to Nikki again:

I thought I will bring you up to date on the latest Chiang Mai doings. I think she is obsessed with the money she will lose by not overcharging us. This afternoon a man came onto the property. I asked her who it was. She said the Water man. I said but my guy came yesterday and fixed it and told me it could be made better with some minor changes costing 2500 baht. She said that her guy was the guy who put in the system and was an expert, not like my guy who was just some guy off the street. Her water guy she tells me told her that it needs major repairs. I went with the the guy to the tank and asked him show me what was wrong. He could not show me. Then he pointed to the tank that was fixed yesterday. When I said that was not it, he rummaged around and pointed at the mechanisms. I asked him how much it would cost to fix . He wanted to talk to Nat. The woman across the street who had recommended this guy then showed up. After a while the waterman said everything was all right with the water and left quickly. When I asked Nat what happened to the 35000 baht owed to the waterman. She said it was not owed to the Waterman but to the electrician who she said had removed all the heaters and took them to his shop to be fixed and that is what cost so much. I said that they all could have been replaced with new heaters for less than that. She said that she is too busy to be here to take care of it.

Later she asked me why I did not have my Water-guy fix the rest for 2500 baht. I said that I would not have the money until next week. She then told me that I would have to pay the maid 5000 baht for her salary because she is using the rest of money that you sent her (remember yesterday she said that she did not receive it) to pay the electrician and that next week when I receive my money I should pay the maid the rest (are we sure the maid gets 10,000 baht. She let slip yesterday that she paid her 5000 baht.a year ago). She then said that I had agreed to pay 30000 baht per month to live here. I told her that I did not but, 30000 baht per month is the the total of the expenses that you and I agreed it would cost for all expenses here. She walked away and went to her gym.

I picked up Hayden. When she came home she and Hayden started up because Hayden was chewing gum that he got from the kid across the street.

I am reporting all this only to keep you informed. Do not tell her that you know about this. Anyway, I think it is funny that she is becoming so transparent.

We have to keep going for Hayden’s sake. I hope for his sake she leaves soon.

Joe to Nikki yet again:

I hope you are enjoying Caracas.

I have some news from Chaing Mai. Earlier today Natalie told me she was returning to BKK tomorrow morning. I do not know if she has told Hayden yet. If not I am sure he will be dissappointed. I on the other hand cannot be happier. I it appears have replaced you on the shit list.

She did however tell me that she intends to go to the US during the Summer recess. When I told her that I thought that the vacation ran from early May until mid-August. She said surprised, “for three months?”. I suggested that Hayden would be old enough to fly by himself so she could send him back when it was convenient for her. She seemed to like the idea.

That’s all for now.

Nikki’s response:

Well i cannot follow all her changing programs one day in usa another in italy and such i only care that the baby has at least a decent school year is very important at this stage of his life.
anyway whatever she is planning for the next months the baby will finish his term in chang mai
the all mess and bullshit about the water is a fake she is not organized and the system was sucking since the beginning but is a good excuse to obtain extra cash
i guess she come up to bring the baby in italy which i think was just a temporary lie to keep me calm and trying another couèples of months see if the school is working
i gave 10000 thb for the maid and she get furious cause me and u talked to the principle and sign the paperwork for the next semester or whatever she said that only her can talk about the business and the school is robbing us cause she can get a better deal as a thai person
this is only bullshit she want to manage the money that’ s all.
I dont want to start a POOR’S WAR with her but she has to realize her budget and cannot ask for more if u were not ther we have to pay a nanny for so consider that fuck for a little food and a cleaning how much u will overcharge there?
the fucking cheese grater will cost 50 fucking bath on the street juesus she just want to get angry at us and involve the baby
She is getting insane joe let me tell u this stuff is getting serious i have to get things fixed up befotre is too late.
Send me ur trip dates and which airline u fly and when if i can i will make u the ticket from italy on line
anyway will call u asap
Be careful at this time the situation is very delicate and dangerous
Take good care the baby and check him up all the time we don’t want to get in trouble
call me.

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