This and that from re Thai r ment. February 12, 2010

I apologize my last post was misleading. I really do not know anything about flowers. I bought a book about flowers in Thailand to use with Hayden on our walks to and from school. You know, the kind with photographs of the flowers too blurred to identify and no scale so you do not know if it is a big or little flower. Anyway I liked the names, frangipani and golden trumpet so I put them in. I always thought frangipani was a type of candy and golden horn was what Sinatra played in one of his movies…or was it a golden arm he played with. I can’t remember. Anyway, yesterday I noticed that the Orchids in the garden bloom at different times. One day the lavender Orchids are in bloom and the plants on the other trees look dead. The next day the lavender plant looks dead, but the yellow-flowered orchid plant is in flower. Did you know that every evening Thoreau would leave his Walden Pond digs and walk back to his home in Concord for dinner?

Today’s first photograph shows the view looking back to the developer’s phallus and includes the totally useless security gate to the subdivision. It is one of three totally useless security gates in the subdivision. If fact one of the others stands right where I am taking the photo not twenty yards from the one you see. I don’t know why.

The second photo shows the last street to the school. The FCHS is on the right and on the left with their own bridge that they can use to avoid meeting the unwashed and unsaved.

Today I am going to get a shave at the local barber shop ($1.50) because tomorrow I am off to Kuala Lumpur to renew my visa and I want to look my best. I have never been to Malaysia before. I worry if I will be safe if I am circumcised. How would they know? Do they have those full body screens at the airport? Do you see the kind of stress I am under every day in paradise?

Thursday February 11, 2010 2PM

Tai, what to do about her. I so much need to get laid and I like the way I taught her to give me blow jobs, that every time I talk with her I want to be with her at that moment. I then try to think of ways to do that without upsetting my situation here. Am I a cad? You betcha.


From Irwin:

cuz joe – as a writer, be it unpublished, in my never ending search for experiences of which to put upon paper without getting my hebrew hands dirty, including but not necessarily limited to anglo-saxon depravity and doing things that seem to make an orange county lifestyle at issue (and even tho these activates may make no sense unless one is a follower of the blade runner projections on the future of our cities) i forward this slideshow email to you so that you may see exactly how it is that i, your remaining spirit in america, spent yesterday evening without a bong hit.

the first group of photos are taken at the southwest corner of the intersection of veteran avenue and wilshire boulevard in westwood and the following (which include moving pictures) were taken at the mayan theatre on hill street in downtown los angeles – i was able to successfully get to these places thanks to xanax and the fortuitous nature of the gods of the 405. for some technical reason, perhaps the lateness of the hour or the absence of absinth, i have not been able to just paste the photos herein. it’s little things like this that my friend, known affectionately as “the giant overby” and sometimes called “the big o” is want to say, “it’s the nature of things”.

since due to the whims of that woman who robbed you of your senses and property which then led to not having your garage face the street and thus deprived you of opening and operating the joe’s bank kok convenience store, i had another idea which i thought of last night when i saw some mexicans operating a small portable barbeque (brazier?) on hill street whereon they were cooking hot dogs wrapped in bacon (a no no in tel aviv but perhaps not in chaing mai) that were being purchased and devoured by tequila driven-just-leaving-the mayan theatre-patrons who had developed the munchies. you could do this on world cup! maybe even have a small fridge on wheels wherein to store popsicles tinged in ganja or whatever to tantalize the minds of those adolescent chirstian fundamentalist children you have written to me about. i’m not sure that hot dogs wrapped in bacon would be a good seller in that part of the world;however, i do suggest that it be something that could be popular without already being sold widely by local natives from burma.

in the event the web address below doesn’t work try pasting it into your browser.

From Ruth:

Malaysia: this could be the beginning of beautiful friendship. I remember when you had never been to Thailand before, and now look!

You want beautiful flower names? Read the Nero Wolfe stories–the orchids are always getting in there somewhere. I can’t spell any of the names though.

From Nikki:

I like these writings of yours if u got time to write means u are enjoing ur retirement plenty of time to think and relax.
ok now i need the maid phone number and also how to organize the pick up for hayden at the school.
She changed the password so i cant get no more info maybe some asshole warn her that somebody was messing her account she is no that smart in technology.
Anyway i know what i need it was a party on the 14th and she is involved in another date which come out with a strange name joush anh or whatever the fuck he is arab or libanese scum like that.
instead of remain to chang mai while u are gone she only care about her dates and business also asking me another load of cash fuck that
where are we going? eventually i am gonna to face her i can’t allow this shit forever in front of me and the baby or i can play indifferent and let her go to hell like she deserve
i dont hate people but when a devil cross my way i become a crusader
keep me update and take care of the boy

Joe’s Response:

The principal and Jerry have agreed to help out getting Hayden to school and things.

I agree that she is a bad person. We Have to figure out how to shelter Hayden from her. She hates the both of us now that we are on to her game.

From Nikki:

Stick with ur plan don’t get discourage from her she can’t kick u out after all the money u poured in that house u got the rigth to stay plus she is not going to sell the house soon anyway so ignore her treaths and diktat.
she is gettin nasty nobody likes her anymore she is just a quick fuck neither so attractive don’t forget she is pushing 43 years by now she is losin all that THAINESS that she had before also completely a failure as a mother i have a part of responsability in that i should be more resolute and strong bout her decisions but instead i was keeping spoiling her with money and trips thinking that finally she was a good mother but i am wrong.
In a mood of madness she can fuck everything up but she knows how much we love the kid and i don’t think she want to destroy another life runnin away with the baby.
The neiboroughs knows everything and stay away from her even PAT mother and the lady across the streets are avoiding her she is breakin one of the basic rule in thailand ABANDON her own child
Ask around and even the girlbar and prostitutes after work they are going see and feed teir own babies
YES SHE IS A BAD PERSON and don’t deserve our generosity and any help i am also disappointed about the family i never saw such a cold behaviour from the grandma and the sister nevercall or visit the baby what a shame
we got to protect and shelter the baby before is too late
niki stay in touch

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