THIS AND THAT FROM re Thai r ment. February 22, 2010

Just in case there are those of you whose lives are so bereft of interest and are wondering about the hiatus of emails from me, or as Cuzin Irwin (who always has his way with words if with little else) feared that I was wandering “bahtless in Thailand”, I am pleased to report that I have made it back from Malaysia with my limbs intact. I spent 5 days in Kuala Lumpur wrestling with visa issues and three days in Bangkok wrestling with other things.

Unless someone desperate for information about Malaysia requests more, I will provide only the following:

1. most people speak English (a benefit of colonialism).
2. The public transportation system is great. 3.If you ever are in KL, go to the Malaysia Tourism Center. Not only is it an interesting site, and the people there can help with almost any question you may have, but it is the best place in KL that I could find for free wifi access.
4. Todays photos show me dramatically looking up the wrong way in front of the previously designated world’s tallest buildings. Actually I am looking dramatically up at another KL skyline icon, the Space Needley thing in the next photograph.

As for the three days I spent in Bangkok they were well, three days in Bangkok. I did manage to take Hayden on a tour of the putrid BKK canals by “rooster tail” boat as shown in the third enclosed photo. He is holding my glasses and hat that he insisted on doing because as he explained, otherwise I would only lose them. I do not know whether to be pleased at his sagacity and consideration or pissed about it.

Ciao for now….


Sunday February 14, 2010 7PM

Yesterday morning I listed the things I had failed or forgotten to do or had simply screwed up. Add to that the failure to check that Monday is Chinese New Year and if the Thai Embassy is open. It is not.
My email to Nikki today sums it up:


Shit, shit and more shit. The Thai embassy is closed tomorrow because of Chinese New Year. That means that I have to spend another day here and return to  BKK on the evening of the17th and travel to Chiang Mia on the afternoon of the 18th. The good news is that my return ticket costs only about 5000 baht The bad news is my room costs another 1500 baht and my expenses increase about 500 baht. So I break even. The good news is by the 18th I certainly will have my SS check deposited in the bank. The bad news is I have to stay another day. The good news is Hayden can stay another day with his mother. The bad news is that Hayden can stay another day with his mother. The good news is that I do not have to face Natalie for another day. The bad news is that I look like a fucking idiot.

This evening I checked on my bank account balance. It shows a 600 ringgit decrease from yesterday (1900 to 1300). How did that happen? I did not draw anything out. Did the bank deduct my medicare? something else??? Shit again.

Add to that that I changed my telephone card so that I can make calls from here to Thailand and overseas. I failed to transfer my contact numbers and they appear to be lost until I return to Thailand. I found Nikki’s in my email and he gave me Natalie’s. I still do not have Tai’s.
I will not make my return reservations until Tuesday morning after I beg the Embassy staff to process my visa in one day. Lots of luck (LOL???). By waiting the tuesday flight will probably be booked as well as Wednesday and probably Thursday also. The Tuesday ticket cost is 7500 baht. I have 8000 baht left in my account after drawing out 5000 tonight for safety.

Shit, I made another mistake. Each night is $45 that computes to about 150 ringgits a night or 600 ringgits for all 4 nights that translates to about 6000 baht. If my flight to BKK costs 6000 baht then I have only 1000 baht or 100 ringgits for food and transportation through Thursday. It can not be done. If I beg the Counsel to process in one day and succeed then my flight to BKK costs 7500 baht and my room only 4500. One os 12000 baht and the other is also 12000 baht. But expenses are less. Then what happens in BKK???

Tuesday, February 16 2010 7:30 PM

Well I made another mistake, oversight or fuck up whatever. I got to the Thai Consulate almost on time but when I got to the counter the clerk informed me that I needed a photograph to accompany my application and if I did not return by 1PM today I would have to start the process tomorrow. I flew from the building and after refusing the offer of a gypo cab driver to drive me to a shopping center and wait for me and drive me back, I hustled off to find a shopping center with an open photoshop (the first I saw was closed for Chinese New Year), cursing all the way and melting in the heat. I found one and took a metered taxi back (Mr. Gypo was not too unreasonable I found out) in time to submit my application that they said will be ready at two thirty tomorrow afternoon when we will have to “que-up”.

Last night I was furious with Nikki after he told me that he gave in to Natalie on the school tuition and that he will give her the money instead of paying directly. This convinced me that I had to make preparations to leave Hayden since we have lost control over his education and our planned budget to Natalie who will only mean that all expenses will be those dictated by her so that she can steal. I can only survive on a strict budget now and this will not be it.

I am also convinced that my reduced intake of my psyco-pharma medicines are having the effect of turning me back into the raving lunatic that I was before starting on them, thank God. I hope now I will no longer be the agreeable simpering idiot I had become and will be more likely to push back and scare people like Natalie.

I am also angry at Tai for being unwilling to assist me on the visa as for the other reasons mentioned here above. I am thinking of moving to some place like Krabi alone. My budget then will include enough to pay for periodic massages to replace the medicines. Maybe after a while, I will move from Thailand. Need wifi though.

Am more and more obsessed with Transexuals. Unfortunately, I could not afford to meet either of those I had contacted here in KL. I wonder what it means. Sex is only massage. It can be provided by human, beast or inanimate object with equal effectiveness. It is only a matter of taste.However, I feel no urging for sexual relationship with men. If fact I remain unable to see any sexual attractiveness in men. On the other hand women with dicks turn me on. Go figure.

Wednesday February 17, 2010 10 AM

Got up late (8:30 AM). Brushed teeth but d/n shower. Rushed to eat breakfast. Back to room, finish packing. Check out. CC accepted. means I have 450 ringgit (4500 baht) available. Happy times. Does that mean check in or bank carry? Stay tuned.

Left hotel, walked to subway, went to next station, walked to Malaysia Tourist Center where I am now. Decided not to answer Nikki’s email until I return to CM. Still in a burn about it, Natalie and Tai. Will go to Consulate at 1-1:30 to get on line for visa. Then to airport.

2:30 AM

It is amazing how I can allow myself to get into things like this. Got visa went to airport. flew to BKK. Called Natalie. Said I will get hotel for night. Called Tai. She sounded annoyed. Said where should I stay? Got taxi to Swan. She was outside. Said I do not want to be seen going into hotel. Checked in. Called. She said she will be over in a while, did I want dinner? Said no. She came with brother. Brother left. She said she will get me MacDonald big Mac. Left with 1000 baht from me. Showered. Went to bed. Waited, playing with computer 2 hour. She arrived with cold food, no straw for coke. She said she was going to see a friend downstairs. Took my lighter and left. Called one hour later said wanted to go drinking with friend. Will be back. Has not returned. I feel stupid and embarrassed. How could I have ever believed her or feel guilty that I was playing with her? Could Natalie have been right all along? God forbid. Not that she had been right but that she had not lied. Ah, tomorrow will be another day.

February 19 2019 7PM

And actually it is another two days. Got up Thursday, checked out and checked in at the Honey Hotel. T. called said she was waiting for me because she could not get into my room. Pointed out 1. I would have heard it if she knocked 2, She could have called and 3. the room was unlocked until I checked out. Silence. Said she was coming to Honey right away. She arrived. We got naked. I sucked her nipples awhile than ate her for a long time. Sweet. She said, “you are driving me wild”. Tried to enter. Too soft. Ate some more. Tried again same result. Fingered her for awhile. Then we held each other. She jerked me off. That was sweet also. I wanted her to suck me but she demurred. “It’s been too long”. she said. “You’ve forgotten what I taught you?” I joked. Showered. She left, agreeing to meet that night and spent the night together.

Natalie called. Said, “we are bringing Hayden over to spend the night with you”. So they did, not Natalie but two other women. And so it was Hayden and I played with the computer and went to bed. T and I agreed to see what we could do on Friday.

Today came. Hayden and I awoke. Natalie had said that we should go to Aquarium today and that I should take Hayden to Dentist (and pay of course) on Saturday and make reservations to fly to CM after his appointment (I pay again)

Went to aquarium. Asked Tai to meet her there. Hayden had been introduced to her as “Auntie Chicken” in an attempt to spare us all from Natalie’s wrath. Had great time at aquarium. Left. Met Tai. Gave her 15000 baht for air conditioner. Took skytrain to river. Took “Rooster Tail” to canals and to snake farm. Had an awful zoo. Some animals sick. After return Tai went home and we returned to Honey Hotel. Tried to make reservations for flight to CM on Nok Air. Card declined. Called Nat. She said that I had to give her 5000 baht for maid, 10,000 baht for electrician beside others. I said Nikki gave you an additional 10000 baht for H. trip back to CM, his dental appt. and the maid. Heated discussion on her part. Said will meet at Robinson’s in 25 min to get money and take H to shower. H. wanted to go to pool. Cried. Called Nat. Adamant on 25 min.

Went to ATM. Card w/n work. N. arrived. Told her about card. She threatened to have H. live in BKK and “send me back to US”. Left.

Returned to Hotel. Talked to Nikki. Nat had called him. Lot of talk.

Called BoW. Got hold lifted. Card worked in ATM, but not for reservation. Will try again.

Spoke with Tai. Bought a Pizza. Will try to make reservation now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010, 11 PM

Back in Chiang Mai. Cannot sleep despite exhaustion. Look forward to returning to schedule. Appear to have blocked out end of yesterday and most of today. Am beginning to feel effects of not taking my Prozac. Need to go to pharmacy tomorrow.
Hayden did not want to sleep in his own bed tonight so is sleeping next to me. Want to smoke a cigar. HMM, getting addicted? Trying to think of things to write. Cannot. G’night.


From Irwin:

welcome back to the living! it should have been, “bahtless in bangkok” not “bahtless in thailand”. also i am most disappointed that you did not forward to the other lucky regular recipients of your emails a copy of the news article i so carefully crafted. i thought it was one of my best writing efforts to date. however i forgive you for having the good taste to ignore it.

finalmente a casa!

More from Irwin:

it’s going to start raining soon. i’ve taken two walks, driven to the bank and back, and enjoyed an hour’s nap. i like to sleep. i do not feel any pain (emotional or physical) while catching forty winks. anyway it always seems to turn colder when rain is about to appear and then when it rains it feels warmer;maybe that’s because i have already turned the heat on.

i imagine you have some type of heating system on world cup and then again since it’s in a tropical climate maybe all you need on a rare chilly night is a cotton blanket and a spicy bowl of hot fish ball soup. baring cost, i imagine that solar panels would serve you quite well as an energy source for generating electricity and subsequent warmth or coolness; then again, a burmese waving a fan might suffice. by the way, i have been thinking (always dangerous) about something to occupy your time: how about writing a musical taking advantage of the phrase (bahtless in bangkok). since you can’t speak thai compose it in english and maybe it will be a hit at the filmore (sp?) in san fran.

there is nothing new here in america of which to write, at least not any news which would serve either as an inspiration or warning. i don’t pay any thoughtful attention but notice as i pass by the tv set that health care is still at issue and stuff like that which leaves me cold as one never has enough information to make a judgment about what position to take on today’s political concerns. i have very much stayed out of any emotional involvement in government except perhaps a morbid desire to hear about a political figure(s)/party(ies) failing on some particular effort of theirs. their smugness infuriates me. i am in my vote “no” period although i can be sympathetic to ballot measures for high-speed rail and almost any anti-environmental endeavor. i would vote for legalizing prostitution should that be placed upon the ballot however now that we have given women the right to vote i doubt that they will cast their ballot in their best self interest.

today is the anniversary of johnny cash’s birthday. walk the line!


Joe’s email to Nikki:

I have not heard from you in a while. You had mentioned that you would be in New York on the 23rd and that you would try to get to Chiang Mai soon thereafter. What is your schedule now? Try not to come through Bangkok on the 26th or 27th of February as there may be riots following the Court’s decision about Taksin.

As for what has been happening here. Hayden seems to be doing fine. He misses you and looks forward to seeing you.

I have had little contact with Natalie. She usually calls the maid in odrer to speak to Hayden. I had to replace the battery in the car. Natalie forgot to check the water level in the battery and in was bone dry and dead.

Hayden, who is standing next to me want to send you this message, “po-po head” and “I love Nikki”


Nikki’s response:

Back in Italy now i was suppose to come earlier but one plane was damaged in rome during the refueling so my flite was delayed and screws up everything we had a full load of paxs waiting and nervous about it not good publicity for alitalia but finally we managed to leave kennedy airport at around 2 in the nite imagine the mess and the complaints so i had to do one of my famous and best greasy landing to please them.
In the arrival we had be on hold on the ground because the police have to arrest a couple of DONS just in time
They were flying first class and nobody knows about they look very nice and elegant brooklin style u know what i mean probabily from palermo or corleone
Only in italy this stuff could happen
well i don’t have my schedule yet but ill try to visit the baby for his birthday in march let me check first how is the turmoils in bkk i don’t want to be stucked there
He is still sleep alone by now?
i didn’t talk to her just messages requesting cash as usual
Stay safe with the baby there ill keep u posted

Joe’s follow-up:

Your NY flight adventure sounds like a movie plot. Too bad you visit to Thailand will be delayed. Hayden is looking forward to seeing you. He sleeps in his own room now, but ever since his trip to BKK he asks the maid to stay in the room until he falls asleep.

I do not answer Natalie’s calls anymore since I assume the only reason that she would want to talk to me is to ask for money and I do not have any to spare. On that note, I intercepted the Home Owners Association invoice. The fee is six hundred baht per month. She has not paid the bill for almost a year and we now owe over 12,000 baht. It is clear that whatever she uses the money she gets from us for, it is not for the Chiang Mai expenses.

Nikki’s response:

Now not only she is lying on the budget but she also not paying
HOLY SHIT that’s the word for this mess anyway try to talk to the manager and tell him we gonna pay soon maybe in 2 installment.
Do me a favour i lost track of how much and when we have to pay for Hayden school so talk to the principal and find out about it for good before she take over and rip me off some more cash and more lies
I can visit anytime depend on my next schedule so let u know hopefully soon
Keep me updated about the political situation and if there are problems in the airports
call me tomorrow with skype i want to see the boy best time is before u guys go to school
take care

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