This and that from re Thai r ment. March 25, 2010

Well, it looks like I will be leaving my pollution shrouded idyll in the north of Thailand to enjoy a few days at the beach. On Friday I will be leaving Chiang Mai and traveling with Hayden first to BKK and then to one of the beach resort towns along the Bay of Thailand. We hope those few days will clear our lungs a bit. We will return on or about Tuesday. In the mean time I will leave you with a photo essay of the World Club Land overwrought wrought iron (mostly) front gate designs. First my wooden, hand-operated, embarrass the neighbors gate; then the electrically operated super magnificence of my across the street neighbor; then the main gate of Hearst Castle jr. (I believe he maintains a permanent staff of illegal Burmese to operate it) and finally the gate of someone deciding he had enough of people knocking at his gate for contributions to the Christian missions and moving out (I may join him).


From Irwin:

wait a minute. that house for sale has a star of david on the tree. what’s up with that?

Joe responds:

You noticed.

I have no idea, but like I said he probably had enough of the baptist riff-raff moving into his neighborhood and trying to convert everyone.

Do you think I have been to harsh on my missionary friends?

From Irwin:

good news for the last two days: I had no problem going to the bathroom and no bills came in the mail!!

bad news for the last two days: you should be able to tell I am using my lap top computer because my pc picked up a virus. I took it to staples, who later called to tell me that it was fixed for $129.99. I went there , picked it up and I brought it home. I couldn’t get on the internet. I called time warner (technician in bombay or bkk?). we concluded that my Ip address was all f____d up. I called staples. suggested I bring it back to see if they could connect to the internet there. I arrived there 10 minutes after I hung up. mr. computer was gone. my blood pressure medicine wasn’t working and my head is now puffed up and about to burst. my computer is now sleeping at staples. we will see if they call me tomorrow; however, whatever they do I have the feeling I will still have to deal with time warner and that likely someone from that fine company will have to come out to the house at their own risk.

my car battery died overnight and I had to call aaa.

I had to spend most of the last twenty-four hours dozing owing to a deep sense of dissatisfaction with my existance.

I am through with the steroids I have been taking for my runny nose. my nose has started to run again but I can now bench-press 450 lbs.

Irwin again:

cuz joe – a few emails ago you wrote about your unexpected new association and subsequent dealings with the parents of hayden’s new friend, who is of the baptist persuasion. although I have sixteen grades of schooling (not as many as you, esquire) I remain lost in your discourse about various aspects of religion (perhaps my dreamy west-coast education versus your rock solid east-coast education explains it). as an afterthought, my sincere and respectful recommendations to you are: (1) avoid these people at all costs; (2) if “(1)” is impossible limit conversation to bodily sounds, low murmurs and minor salutations such as “good morning”, “goodbye”, “ugh”, etc., taking particular pains to avoid expression of all views of a religious nature; and/or (3) if “(1)” and “(2)” is impossible, then start drinking…heavily.


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