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2271 BC.Battle of Uruk – King Sargon of Akkad defeats the Sumerian force led by king Lugal-Zage-Si at Uruk.


Recently there has been several articles in the Thai newspapers about aged Westerners (Farang) living in Thailand who, after losing all their money to some young Thai woman, become ill, are hospitalized and unable to pay their bill, thus becoming a burden on Thai society. This seems to be all part of the rising anti-farang movement accompanying the current political instability in the country. It appears no different from the nationalism and anti-immigrant hysteria that exists in the US as it wrestles with economic and political insecurity. It is always good politics to blame the foreigner. It used to be that the Burmese and Cambodians were the Mexicans of Thailand. It now appears that the western retirees are.

Anyway, I have attached for your reading pleasure a dyspeptic screed taken from an internet forum of some kind discussing the relative merits of Thai men and Thai women as it relates to their relationships with Western men. (This was graciously forwarded to me by Gary Williams)

Yeah Yeah and I might get run over and killed by a fucking Baht bus as well… Where were you when you got attacked buy chairs and bottles… Oh you were in a bar half Mao ??? Was it some of those nice Thai men you were talking about that attacked you ??? I don’t drink and I don’t hang out in bars… I have never read as much shit as you just wrote… The girls are no better than the men ????? Ummmm the girls are a lot better than the men…. It’s the Thai men standing over the girls taking the money off them, not the other way round… It’s the Thai men doing the daily Pattaya armed robberies and drug related shootings not the girls…. Like you say, maybe if i venture a little outside Beach Road and Walking Street the Pattaya men get nicer… You mean like all the lovely Thai men that live around Sukhumvit way… No one ever got hurt around there…lol… As for the girls LOVING THAI MEN where do you get this shit from… 95% of the girls despise Thai men, For a lot of them Thai men are the reason they end up in Pattaya in the first place… And god help any girl that is foolish enough to date a Pattaya Thai man… In Pattaya Thai boyfriend = Pimp… Let me run this down for you… Thai men standing around on beach = Scum… Motorbike taxi Thai men = Scum… Thai men hanging around bars = Scum… Thai men riding around on motorbikes grabbing gold chains = Scum… Thai security guards = Scum… Thai men smashed on drugs and whiskey = Scum… Thai jet ski operators = Scum… Thai men motorbike hire = Scum… Thai Police officers = Scum… Every fucking Thai man in Pattaya = Scum…. Or maybe you can tell us where all the nice Pattaya Thai men choose to spend their time ????? Please for anyone reading this trust me…. Adopt my Pattaya Thai Man = Scum approach on your next visit to Pattaya…. And have as little to do with Pattaya Thai men as you possibly can… It is the best safeguard you can ever have !!!!! Oh before I go Dow is sitting here with me right now, She wants to have her little say… These are her exact words… ” Thai man no good for girl… Make big problem for she” Now fuck this bullshit we are going back to bed !!!!!!!!!!


Humor is… despair refusing to take itself seriously. ~Arland Ussher

For reasons that I can only guess at, since my return from the US, as I power walk my mornings through “little Crimea” and “Siberia del Sud,” things do not appear to amuse me as much as they did a month ago. (However, see Today’s Photograph below)

(Speaking of Crimea, I just finished reading another retelling of “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” It never ceases to amaze me how young men are so willing to throw their lives away so stupidly and for so little. It only confirms my belief that the male sex has outlived its evolutionary usefulness and men should be put out to pasture and periodically milked for their sperm.)

Anyway, back to more amusing things like my loss of humor, I usually just wait things out when I feel like this, after all, tomorrow is another day and almost anything can happen to banish my ennui. Nevertheless, waiting around for something to happen does not increase anticipation. Instead, it tends to decrease interest. Anyway, since whatever happens when one waits around for something to happen appears to me to more often than not be something bad when it does happen, I think I will be better off doing something foolish now, on my own, rather than waiting for it to be done to me. The problem however is that the most foolish thing I can think of to do right now is to fall in love or a reasonable facsimile thereof and frankly at my age that seems to be too much effort. There must be easier foolishness one can do, something that can be done say from the comfort of a beach chair. I guess I will give it more thought after my nap.


Another mysterious beautiful woman enters the story. Is that one too many? Does Vince care? Does anyone?

Chapter 6

Vince grabbed a burger and coke from McDonald’s to eat as he drove to Woodside. His destination was Sam’s house. He wanted to have a chance to talk to Sam’s wife and to pick up any of the firm’s files that Sam may have had with him when he died.

He had had Nina call ahead to let Stephanie, Sam’s wife, know that he was on his way.

She met him at the door dressed in tight black slakes and a green blouse that stretched tight over her large reengineered breasts. Her blue eyes appeared shiny and bright and she smiled warmly when she greeted him. She was Sam’s third wife. Sam had met her at a deposition in one of the few cases he handled during his term as Managing Partner. She was the court reporter and soon became the correspondent in Sam’s divorce from his second wife.

She was much younger than Sam, in her late thirties. As she air kissed him, Vince felt that she held him a little too uncomfortably close to be seemly for a grieving widow. On the other hand maybe she just felt the need for companionship following her loss.

They went in the large living room. She motioned to him to sit on a leather chair next to a leather sofa and asked him if he would like a drink. He requested ginger ale with ice, She went to the drinks cabinet and prepared the drink for him and what appeared to be a vodka and orange juice for herself.

“I am so happy to see you Vince and so glad to see you back at the firm,” she said as she pored a large amount of vodka into a glass and then splashed in a lesser amount of orange juice.

Stephanie had rarely even acknowledged him the few time before that they had the occasion to meet socially Vince thought, after all Sam and he were far from friends. “Yes, Thank you. There was not much of an opportunity during Sam’s ceremony, so I thought I would come to express my condolences personally.”

“Well, thank you for being so considerate,” she said while handing him his drink and seating herself on the sofa, her knees almost touching his. She took a sip of her drink then settled back into the sofa clutching the glass to he breast like it was a newborn. She looked at him calmly, smiling.

“I know the memory is probably upsetting and you don’t have to answer, but I am curious if you noticed anything different about Sam before he ah…”

“Killed himself?”She smiled and leaned forward. “I’m a big girl Vince, I am quite able to handle it, but thank you for your consideration. No, he seemed just like Sam always was. You know what Sam was like.” She laughed quietly. “He could be difficult. But there was no change in him that I could see other than that he was having more prayer meetings with that group of his”.

“Prayer meetings?”

“Yes, a few years ago and joined a prayer group with some partners of the firm and others. He said he found Jesus. You knew that didn’t you?”

“No actually, I knew very little about the private lives of the other partners other than the usual office gossip.”

“You mean which partner was sleeping with which secretary”

“Yeah like that. Ah, did you ah find Jesus too?”

“Me, hardly.” She laughed and took a drink. “Neither did Sam, if you ask me. I had the impression it was like being a Mason or Rotarian. It was good for business.”

“It must have been quite a shock finding him like that.”

“Oh it was. I do not know what I would have done without Charlie.”


“Yes, Charlie Bowman. He lives near-by and came over when I called him right after I found Sam.”

Charles Francis Bowman was the firms white collar crime partner and a member of the firm’s executive committee.

“You called him before calling the police or an ambulance?”

“Sam was clearly dead Vince and I thought Charlie would know about these things. You know, dealing with the police and the like.” Then she added, “Charlie’s a good friend.”

Vince was stunned. Suspicion and questions flooded into his mind with a roar confusing him. He stared at her.

She leaned forward, placed a hand on his knee and looked at him with what appeared to be concern and said, “Vince, are you ok? Can I freshen up your drink?”

“Ah, no, no. I just remembered something,” he said attempting to get himself under control again. “David said Sam had some of the firms files with him. Do you know where they are?”

“Everything on his desk was covered in blood. I do not recall seeing any and the police did not take any files with them that I noticed… I was too upset so I did not pay too much attention.”

“Well, maybe Bowman took them or David was mistaken?”

“Charlie did take some things from Sam’s secret office”

“Secret office?”

“Yes, yes Sam has a smaller office behind a panel in his home office where he keeps things he doesn’t want anyone to know about. It’s more like a closet then and office. Sam spent a lot of time in there”

“Did the police check it out?”

“Of course not. Charlie did not think it was a good idea to tell them, neither did I”


a. Sayings From the Princess Bride:

Vizzini has just cut the rope The Dread Pirate Roberts is climbing up:

Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

b. Today’s Cognitive Bias:

Choice-supportive bias — the tendency to remember one’s choices as better than they actually were.


I came across the following quote that I had previously sent but I liked it so much I thought I would send it again.

“Now listen to me and I will advise you for your good: give me back my son and get out of my country with your forces intact, and be content with your triumph over one-third of the Massagetae. If you refuse, I swear by the sun our master to give you more blood than you can drink, for all your gluttony.”

Tomyris Warrior Queen of the Massegetae to Cyrus the Great Emperor of Persia, conqueror of the greatest empire of the ancient world and leader of the largest and most technologically advanced army of the time. Cyrus refused and Tomyris personally led the charge of her forces that destroyed his army. She cut off Cyrus’ head and made his skull into her favorite wine goblet.


We should distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes. ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden


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