This and that from re Thai r ment, By 3Th. March 14, 2011

A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation.
~Howard Scott


1870 A camel is listed on the Christmas Eve menu of Voison restaurant during the Siege of Paris in 1870.

(How did they get a camel into Paris during the Siege or, were there camels already roaming the streets?)


a. Col. Chatchai Rainmek, deputy chief of the centre of investigation under the Metropolitan Police Bureau in Bangkok when speaking of the recent killing of some politicians observed, “It is an inexpensive investment. Gunman are usually hired at between 100,000 and 300,000 baht ($3000 to $10,00 US), depending on how difficult the job is, while vote-buying requires at least 5 – 10 million baht.”

b. The tragedy in Japan has driven most other news off the front pages of the Bangkok english language newspapers.


Like some perverse chronometer almost precisely two months to the day from when she promised that Hayden would finish out the school year and through the summer, SWAC announced her intention to return to the US with the boy at the end of this semester July 5. She indicated that, notwithstanding the fact that someone other than her pays it, the $4000 tuition per semester was too expensive and that she had a “business” opportunity with one of the uncles that owns some restaurants in the Bay Area.

At my urging she agreed to consider retaining him in the school for one more semester.

Of course, I only have a limited and admittedly jaundiced view of things but we know from Rashomon that perceptual reality and motives are fragmentary depending greatly on the observer. Nevertheless whatever were the motives of the participants in the movie, someone did die.

Nevertheless, I am still planning on returning to the US for about 10 days beginning the sixth of April.

I have discovered that my current exercise regime of full weight training and cardio (Swimming) five or six day’s a week is too strenuous, so I have decided to alternate the weight training and cardio.


Red Star, Chapter 13

Just as they had all sat down at the conference table, the door to the conference room burst open and in strode Isabella carrying a large metal bucket.

Gone was her shoulder length hair, replaced a short spiky do. She has two rings in her left eyebrow and several more on each ear. A rhinestone stud gleamed on the side of her nose. A tight black bias cut shirt leaving one shoulder bare and dipping so low over one breast her nipple stud peeked out. She had on tight black leather pants and a pair of out of date Doc’s. She had black lipstick and nail polish and enough white powder on to face to give it the required bloodless look

She had auditioned for the part of Lisbeth in the recent successful Steig Larsson trilogy, she made it to the finals but was clearly too tall and too shapely to be cast as Michael’s sometime toy.

Nevertheless she obviously liked the look.

She dropped the bucket on the table, threw herself onto a chair and began swinging back and forth.

“A…hello Isabella, glad you can make it,” said Vince. “What’s in the Bucket?”

“Some stuff from the author’s ‘Well of quotes’. I thought it might be useful. So Vince what’s your problem?”

Vince explained his concern with the lack or readership and what it ment for all of them.

“Let’s face it,” said David. “We’re the dregs. Not only do we have an unfinished work by an unpublished author who probably never be published but he is writing an email to a few of his friends. That is worse that Vanity press. How low can we go? The next stop is oblivion.”

“Speak for yourself,” said Isabella still swinging back and forth on her chair. “Once I get more involved things will change. Even the author will get more involved”.


a. Book World from Jasper Fforde and Thursday Next or one thereafter:

“Randomness has an intoxicating effect on the preordained.”

b. Today’s Chart:

Did the United States grow more unequal while Republicans were in power? It sounds crude, but Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels has gone a long way toward proving it. Bartels looked up income growth rates for families at various income percentile for the years 1948 to 2005, then cross-checked these with whether the president was a Republican or a Democrat. He found two distinct and opposite trends. Under Democrats, the biggest income gains were for people in the bottom 20th income percentile (2.6 percent). The income gains grew progressively smaller further up the income scale (2.5 percent for the 40th and 60th percentile, 2.4 percent for the 80th percentile, and so on). But under Republicans, the biggest income gains were for people in the 95th percentile (1.9 percent). The income gains grew progressively smaller further down the income scale (1.4 percent for the 80th percentile, 1.1 for the 60th percentile, etc.).

Two other observations are worth making:

1) In all income categories except the 95th percentile, income growth rates under Democratic presidents exceeded income growth rates under Republican ones. That suggests greater income equality can coexist with (or even help create) greater prosperity.

2) The 95th percentile fared about the same under Democrats and Republicans. (This chart shows it doing slightly better under Democrats, but the margin of error erases the Democrats’ advantage.) Bartels’ party-based interpretation of income inequality can’t address the Great Divergence, Part 2—the stratospheric rise in incomes at the very top—because for this group, it doesn’t matter much whether a Democrat or a Republican inhabits the White House. Political scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, of Yale and Berkeley, respectively, argue that the apparently nonpartisan solicitude Democrats and Republicans express toward the rich is the result of a massive increase in Washington’s corporate lobbying sector since the 1970s—and that the growing power of big business in Washington has been a major contributor to the Great Divergence.

Source: Larry M. Bartels.
Chart by Catherine Mulbrandon of

(Is this proof of what we already know or were the Republican’s too busy cleaning up the mess unleashed by the Democrats during their time in power for: allowing hoards of invading Mexicans to rape our woman; crazed dopers to destroy the alcohol and tobacco strengthened moral fiber of our nation; creeping regulation to weaken the patriotic thrill of bankrupting your neighbor and; gangs of abortionists to roam the streets of our suburbs? It was only the success and sacrifice of these Republican patriots in staunching the flood of immorality rotting the character of America that allowed those economic benefits to occur that just so happened to manifest themselves during the administrations of those very same Democrats who are so eager to dismantle our great country.)


“Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.”
~William E. Gladstone, 1866

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