This and that from re Thai r ment, by 3Th. March 25, 2011


2008-A record 14.6% of all new marriages in the United States were between spouses of a different race or ethnicity from one another. This compares to 8.0% of all current marriages regardless of when they occurred. Multiracial Americans numbered 6.8 million in 2000, or 2.4% of the population. Now statistics show that the percentage has increased to 6.7% in 2010 (Now over 12.5 million in November 2010).

(I could not help but notice that this 12.5 million is almost the same number that some claim are the number of illegal aliens in the United States today. Could it be that this rampant miscegenation is part of the same liberal plot to destroy American Capitalist Christian values, or am I just being smarmy again?)


The situation in Libya and Japan’s dominance in the news media seems to have made most of the ruling political entities in Thailand happy since those in opposition are experiencing great difficulty in obtaining coverage.

What happens in Thailand over the next few years may mean something to the retired farangs living here and some of the Thais but probably within a score of years it will be of little importance. Many other things are happening other than the shifting fortunes of the existing powerful like Gaddafi or those seeking the spoils of power themselves. We are approaching the perfect political and sociological storm caused by the undeniable impact of climate change, the continued explosive growth of population, globalization and urbanization added to the exhaustion of energy and resources like water. For example just the demographic shift in available workers for future production throws all long-term economic and political prognostication into turmoil.

It has been estimated in some business journals that only sub-Saharan Africa stands to see an appreciable growth in youth manpower. In fact, the sub-Sahara will account for over 100% of total growth in the world‘s 15-29 population, because many regions will find their pools of young manpower shrinking over the next two decades. Japan and Europe as a whole are both on course for significant absolute declines in this key manpower pool over the next 20 years (prospective drops of almost 25%). But by far the most massive falloff in young manpower is set to take place in China. Over the next 20 years, by the Census Bureau‘s projections, this key working age group will be falling in China by fully 100 million persons—or over 30 percent.

In 2008 some two hundred million people — 3% of the world’s population — were living outside their native land. In most first world countries the population of foreign-born was over 10%.

The most ironic fact of all this is that in all likelihood the future lies in the North Central US, Canada and Siberia. Those working age people will flock to the agricultural and natural resource jobs made available by warming and diminishing resources elsewhere (think water and wind). The already minuscule population base of these areas (6 million in Siberia and 35 million in Canada, that currently comprises about .05% of the world’s population on about 15-20% of its land area) will be overwhelmed by these new immigrants, irrevocably altering those societies.


I have retreated to the solitude and solace of Paradise by the Sea to try to deal with the fact that I seem unable to deal with the facts. If these decisions were of the significance of say life or death I would understand my difficulty in making them. But alas, I must admit they are more about whether to have a second cafe latte or leave for the US on April 29th or May 5th or whether I should wear my camouflage shorts today or a solid color pair. Heaven must be where one goes to avoid all responsibility. God upon greeting you probably says, “Congratulations you made it. You don’t have to give a shit anymore. Just wear a white shift and spend all day stoned on glory and a sense of superiority that no you longer have to figure out how to survive as you or for that matter even be nice to anyone.”

(Damn, I finally found a reason to want to go to heaven.)

For the past few weeks the weather has been mostly overcast and a bit dreary here in Thailand. Obviously we are going into some seasonal change. Some people I have spoken with have said that this weather is quite unusual for the season. Others blame it on global warming.

Annual fluctuation in weather is mostly meaningless. Any process of climate change — both natural and man-made — unfolds erratically over time (a lot like the stock market). Long term all peer-reviewed studies have shown that, regardless of the cause, we are locked into some degree of warming; but by the end of this century, the actions taken now whether to try to curb it or to ignore it and deal with a host of other problems will matter enormously. To a greater or lesser degree, the worlds desert belt (Sahara, Middle East and Southwest North America will expand north and south (probably including Northern India and Southeast Asia and Central China) while the east and west coasts of the northern continents will experience more precipitation as rain and snow.

The Chinese have a curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Alas, our children and their children certainly shall.


Chapter 14

Vince awoke suddenly with a splitting headache and shattered memories of last night. He gobbled up five extra-strength Tylenol to deal with the former and lay back on his bed to try to deal with the latter.

He recalled that he and Isabella had just left the Club Basta, a trendy restaurant located in the Mission district on the wrong side of Mission Street. They had just finished dinner and were walking back to his car. The area was filled with semi-abandoned small factory buildings and warehouses that gave employment to the irish and italian immigrants who flocked to the Mission during the first half of the twentieth century. Now these buildings where not abandoned are invested with artist studios and restaurants and night clubs seeking low rents, the first wave of the eventual gentrification of the neighborhood. The neighborhood sat at the edge of the Mission Barrio where the new immigrants, from South and Central America settled after their predecessors left for the East bay and peninsula, taking the businesses and jobs with them leaving to these new immigrants the long difficult task of forging a new neighborhood from which they in their time will leave also.

They had just turned the corner onto a narrow dark street on which he had parked his automobile. Between him and his car he saw two men walking toward them looking a bit drunk. At first they did not concern him, but as they drew closer whatever evolutionary development of male harmonies operated to make him wary he placed himself between them and Isabella. Now of course, not even Neanderthal man would place himself in the danger that modern man in his misguided concept of chivalry would.

As they grew abreast suddenly he saw something that looked metallic being drawn out of one man’s pocket. He moved forward seeking to protect Isabella from whatever. Suddenly he felt himself thrust violently back against the warehouse brick wall. There was a flash or white light, like lightning from a summer storm, then everything turned red and faded to black.


a. Chart of the Day:

b. From Gods mouth to your ears:

“He that is wounded in the stones or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.”
– Deuteronomy 23.1.

(Does this mean that those who have had their prostate removed are excluded from church or temple? Should I rethink my doctor’s recommendation on theological grounds? Should I pray for a miracle?)


“Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed by them.”
~Henry David Thoreau

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