This and that from re Thai r ment. April 11, 2010

It has been a while since I last disturbed your tranquility with a message. Although much more happens every day in Paradise by the Sea (on the road to hell) than occurred in the subdivision paradise in the mountains, there appears to be less to write about. Thoreau pointed that out in his writings. In his book on his trip sown the Connecticut River, I think it was, his most memorable event was passing under a low bridge upon which a man was standing and having the gentleman spit in his face. I can see where something like that can make or break your whole day.

Anyway, I assume some of you may wonder about the political turmoil here in Thailand and its impact on me and my plans to travel to my suburban paradise in Chiang Mai to retrieve my remote hard drive. A little story can help explain the situation.

In 1968 I was living and practicing law in Rome Italy. The student riots of 1968 were going strong throughout Europe and the US. International media had been focused on the barricades set up by the students at the University of Rome blocking a gate into the University. Media shots of the students hurling stones and whatnot at the police as they charged the barricades dominated the news. It appeared as though Rome was about to go up is flames. Actually there were many gates into the University, none other than the one appearing in the news reports were the least bit blocked and I along with everyone else who had things to do at the School simply strolled through those gates unmolested and went about our business.

Until WW I and WW II wars of total destruction, one could usually sit on a hill somewhere far enough away to be relatively safe and watch the periodic reduction of surplus young males. Now unfortunately beginning with the first American war for the defense of the military/industrial complex (MIC I) through IRAQ (MIC V) total wars are limited to third world countries. Nevertheless, many countries still have internal political squabbles whose escalation into violence is usually localized. So it is in Thailand. Neither side have the resources for a countrywide conflict of mass destruction so the battles are waged in locations that best benefit the media.

It reminds me of another story. In the ancient Celtic countries, each King (and there were many) worth his salt had his own Bard (Scop) usually a blind harpist. When rival kings decided to commit mayhem on one another rather than play soccer, the Scopes would retire to the next valley and have a sing off, each singer singing of the great victory of their King in the battle under weigh and the song that won would go down as the official record of the battle no matter its actual outcome. (Sort of like the Confederates in the civil war.)

Anyway, in short, I am not worried for my safety.

Todays photos are unique in that the first one is of me standing on the dreaded sand of the beach and the second is a shot of the umbrellas under which I took refuge from the hateful sun. This picture shows the head of the operator of the beach establishment. I have a shot of the umbrellas without him, but since he tried so hard to get into the picture, I could not disappoint him.




At Cafe le Mer for coffee and OJ. Internet connection not working. wrote an email to Nikki lying about my finances. Assume he will tell Nat and she will wonder whether of not she left something on the table. May have to return to condo to see if I can get a connection there.

While I finish my Coffee and OJ, I may as well describe yesterdays session with Kesorn.

We got into the dimly lighted massage room and undressed, embraced for a moment and then I stepped into the shower. She lathered me up, giving special attention to my privates. I dried off, lay on the Massage table face down as she took her shower. After drying off she climbed on the table and began her massage. I reached behind me a felt her wet hard clit and pulled her down beside me rubbing the acorn until she shuddered and came. She climbed back on-top of me continuing her massage, rubbing her clit on my body as she went along. She moved on to oiling and rubbing my asshole and reaching under me to massage my penis. I extended my had behind me and rubbed her in return. Then in a deep throaty voice she said turn over and when I did she climbed on me and sat astride me in that deep squat that Thais can accomplish to the astonishment of westerners and inserted me into her Vagina. In that squat she pumped up and down faster until she shuddered and her vagina spasmed on my dick. She rolled off and said that was a big one. After a moment, she resumed her massage rubbing and kissing my dick and slipping the tip of her finger into my ass until I came also in great gouts of cum.

She then cleaned me off and returned to her massage as I for the next hour and a half drifted in and out of consciousness. The massage ended with the massage of the head.

Then Steam room, shower, Sauna, shower, dry off, dress pay $25 for massage, more for tip and staggered out into the sun for my trip back to Pattaya, the urgency of reaching CM forgotten.

SUNDAY APRIL 4 2010 12:02 AM

Cannot sleep. Took two Tylenol and decided to work on computer until I felt tired. Did not shower or brush teeth but I think I took my medicine. My chest is still loose with flem that I keep coughing up. I do not feel as exhausted as I have been feeling for a while. I will probably put off returning to CM for a while in order to save some money this month. I did my accounts this evening and I am seriously over budget. My burn rate which is budgeted for about $66 per day is over $100. I intend to spend very little until my check comes this month.

I need to call Choti and let her know about Hayden and Kesorn to make arrangements for her to visit Wednesday.

10 PM

Once again cannot sleep. Took some Tylenol and am awaiting drowsiness. Tried Choti. No connection. Call again tomorrow. Ate a can of pork and beans tonight and followed it with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (2) and milk. Still no fresh vegetables and fruit.
Tomorrow’s shopping. Batteries for AC remote. Fresh Fruit and Veg. Foot medicine.

Am swimming more. Tomorrow I plan to use gym and swim.

FRIDAY APRIL 9 2010 4:30 PM

Am sitting in a beach chair on Jomtien Beach. Kesorn is asleep on her beach chair beside me. She arrived on Wednesday April 7. I went to the bus station and met her. We returned to the condo and I got her off at least twice before she did me.

Tai called the day before and said she would call back. She did not.

Slept, Thursday morning more orgasms and exchange of fluids. Swam for 10 min. in afternoon. Kesorn watched from fourth floor balcony and waved at me. That set of minor hysteria among the fat russians in the pool who thought she was waving at them. Went for walk along beach with K in evening. On way back she lagged behind me. I thought she was picking up beach stones or shells for souvenirs. Instead she was picking up dead small fish that ad been washed up on the beach and asked me if I wanted them. After my refusal she threw them back into the water. On the was back to the condo she complained of the smell on her hand.

Back at the condo, I called Tai. Asked her why she was calling me and what happened the day I left. She began with an antagonistic attitude. “So, you don’t want me to call you?” and the like. Then I got her story. She said she “Did something stupid”. when I enquired as to the nature of the stupidity, she explained that a friend of hers had spoken to the baby’s father who wanted to see the baby. The friend agreed to take the baby and bring it to the father. Tai indicated that she would not leave the baby alone with the father and since the friend knew where she was living Tai left to stay in her mother’s house in the south. She explained not calling to tell me on her phone not working.

I asked her what did she want to do now. She said that she did not understand. I rephrased and asked if she intended to stay with her mother and if not what was it she wanted to do. She responded that she was not going to stay with her mom and that she would like to open a business.

I said I would call her back, which I did today with no answer.

Thought about what I would say. Her story is not believable. 1. We were going to move to Hua Hin therefore friend would not know new address. 2. Mother was in Hospital night for three days and supposedly all day Saturday for tests, but was well enough to take daughter and grandchild to south. 3. Phone was working. It was off for a few hours but was on again when I called in afternoon and why did it take a week? In any event no call so no discussion.

Was going to accompany Kesorn back to BKK tomorrow but no money in BOW account so may change plans.


Well, this morning as Kesorn was leaving, after giving me a lecture that she is not after money like the other Thai girls, she took the change from the table that remained from the 1000 baht I took from the BOW account yesterday and said”For Me?” I said sure but took 100 baht back so I had enough to get to BKK Bank. She got insulted and said she was not coming back and she took all the things she was leaving and left in the clichéd huff.

I went to BKKB only have about $1000 left. Depressed because of my burn rate and misunderstanding with Kesorn…and Tai?? and Natalie??? A little fearful for my survival in any acceptable way. Plan on going to CM to retrieve things maybe tomorrow.

11:30 PM

Can’t sleep. Feel like I am being eaten alive by insects. Took Tylenol.
What to do??

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