This and that from re Thai r ment. April 12, 2010

Two emails in two days, I must be getting bored.

Anyway, the demographics around the pool at the condo appears to be changing from obese Russians to overweight Asians with many, many children.

I am writing this from my usual table at the Cafe Le Mar located by the beach. I decided to put off my trip to Chiang Mai for another few days because if I leave before Saturday I will find myself in the middle of Song-la, the Thai new year festival that is celebrated by dousing with water ( often containing dye) anyone and everyone who ventures out in public. People line the streets with buckets of water, water machine guns and the like while pickup trucks carrying barrels of water and delinquents patrol the streets to drench any passerby that may escape or not the sidewalk ambushes. While this may seem like fun for about 15 minutes, the festival lasts three days or more until exhaustion or drought drives the celebrants back home.

For those who may be interested in news of Hayden, I received a call from him yesterday from Nikki’s house in Milan. It seems that his mother will be leaving him with an Italian family (not Nikki’s) living in a city north of Venice for a month or so while she returns to Thailand to resume her trolling. What happens next for the child, I cannot guess.

Damm, I just noticed an excess of pick-up trucks containing water barrels and delinquents cruising the road in front of the cafe. Could Song-la be starting already?

Today’s photo is of Jomtien Beach in front of the cafe.

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