This and that from re Thai r ment. May 13, 2010


I was not allowed to wear long pants until I was eight years old. That was a southern Italian custom imposed upon me by my Sicilian mom. So while other children romped in the playground in their jeans, I stood by watching them enviously, dressed in my pressed and starched short pants. As a result of that trauma, I have with few exceptions (e.g., bathing suit) avoided appearing in public bare-legged.

Here in Paradise by the Sea, a Mile from the Outskirts of Hell, the prevailing male attire consists of the much hated shorts, and a T-shirt, polo shirt or dress shirt hanging loose outside the shorts. I on the other hand am a fashion renegade, resplendent in my khaki trousers, flowered shirt and straw hat.

Last week when I opened the bag with my returned laundry, I found therein a pair of khaki shorts with cargo pockets that fit me perfectly but they were not mine. My attempts to return them failed when the clerk at the laundry angrily denied they could ever have made such a mistake.

Now the dreaded attire sits at the bottom of a drawer in my wardrobe calling to me daily with its siren’s song of sartorial conformity. The question I now wrestle with every day is will I or will I not appear in public with bare knees.




SUNDAY MAY 9, 2010 7 PM

Stayed close to home today. Breakfast at Cafe Le Mar and return to apartment for a nap and to write some emails to those that I have fallen behind on. Tried to nap. Felt horny, did not want to pay to relieve myself so I did it myself in the shower. I am still resistant to being with a woman right now although I hope one will call me. That depresses me more because it reinforces the syndrome.

Went down to pool and swam and returned to apt. to work some more on the computer. Looked at the email, diary combination for January and began to see some possibilities. Wrote a long email to Irwin.

MONDAY MAY 10 2010 5:30 PM

Stayed close to home again today. Worked on Jessica’s birthday present. It is looking pretty good. Lek called, but I did not answer. I do not know what to do.

10:30 PM

Went to buy out Lek. Nervous because I fantasized, as usual, that there was something personal going on. Went to Central food court. Good buy only 160 baht for two. Then to Apt.. She watched TV. I showered. She jerked me off. Would not get totally naked. Finished and I paid 1000 baht.


I am almost certain that I wrote in here within the last three days. Could I mistakenly have erased it?

Anyway, Tuesday I think I spent almost the entire day in my room. Doing what? I think I completed draft of Jessica’s Birthday Dream.

Wednesday, I went to the BBQ. I had to call Gary a few times for directions and then walk around a bit to find it. Gary was busy and so I went alone.

Jade is a bar and a guest house with several open air sitting and eating spaces along the side and the back. The bar is a small enclosed space in the back, separate from the guest house. I went in there to get out of the heat. There were a lot of bar girls around and one showed me to my seat and hung around me until I ordered a coke and told her I wanted to be alone. There were about 5 or so customers in the bar. They appeared to be American they were all grossly overweight. More customers arrived (I had gotten there at 1:30 but the BBQ would not start until 2). A bar girl I had been observing because she seemed especially outgoing approached me and attached herself to me like glue, rubbing against me and grabbing my crotch. I asked her how much. She told me the short time room was 300 baht and she was 1000 baht. That she would take me into the room give me a massage and a blow job before the BBQ began. I said that I wanted to eat first and would consider her offer after. The BBQ was not too bad. Several large bowls of potato and other salads, BBQ pork and beef, sausages, chicken legs and ribs were set out on a table outside of the bar. I got my food, ate, found out that my drinks were included in my 200 baht entrance fee, gave the glue lady a 100 baht tip and left. Bought some fruit and peanut butter at the supermarket and came home.

Today after breakfast, I finished another KOS Diary, This and that.. email and emails to Anthony, Nikki, Ariane and others.

8 PM

Sent off Kos diary and other emails. email Kesorn. Email May tomorrow. Decide on writing project for tomorrow. Joe, Genesis, Biondi, T. Rhapsody, something else??? Sleep on it…

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