This and that from re Thai r ment. May 2, 2010

It has been a few days since I wrote last and while a lot has happened (dinners and visits from new and old friends, nights on the outskirts of hell and things like that) but little that can be wrapped into a simple tale. As you know from my previous emails one of my favorite writers is Thoreau, not because of his insight or style, but because he was an amusingly truly strange dude (Remember he thought getting thrown in jail was… He believed the minutia of life represent the archetypes for the big things in life and by paying close attention to those little things you will learn something about something. He once spent a better part of a week at Walden Pond observing and writing about two gangs of ants who had decided to fight over something in the dirt in front of the door to his cottage. Thoreau seemed to see in their tussle a metaphor and analogue of the larger conflicts between nations, people and within ones own spirit. I really couldn’t understand what he was talking about. If I were to choose a metaphor for life from his experiences I prefer the one I mentioned in an earlier email, Thoreau standing at the back of his boat traveling down the Connecticut River, spittle dripping off the end of his nose, passing under the bridge on which the spittee stands. Think about it. Put yourself in Henry David’s flip-flops. Do you, staring at the smirk on the face of your adversary, feel the spirit of unity and oneness with the universe well up inside you as Henry David claimed he did, or do you decide to head the boat into the bank, jump off and beat the SOB to within an inch of his life or continue on forever questioning the nature of your experience and of your response. Now, that’s life.

Anyway, although the monsoons have arrived, so has the heat of “mad dogs and Englishmen” and so after walking to the cafe for breakfast, I return to my apartment turn on the AC, take a cold shower and nap until the shadows of the building cover the pool and I go for a swim and then at night perhaps walk along the beach in hopes of catching some ocean breezes.

Tomorrow, or the next day, I plan to travel down the coast to the next Provence called Rayong where the principal of the pre-school Hayden recently attended in Chiang Mai is vacationing with her husband and family.

I sill have a wracking cough, if the medicines I am taking do not clear it up in a few days, I probably will have to check myself into hospital.




FRIDAY APRIL 30 2010 11 AM

Went to immigration for retirement visa. Done by 10AM. Cost about 2200 baht. Need to get reentry permit next. Go to pick up passport on Monday. See this and that.. for discussion


Received 2 mails for May. She must need money. No word from Tai. Money must not be an issue yet.

Checked KOS for reaction to my diary. Only one commenting on my typo in the title. I guess you cannot follow-up. Should I send them to my list???

Hot again. Got to be a high misery index. Finished IRS submittal. Need print out and envelope.

Cannot recall what internet research I need to do. Write it down.

Should I do a pseudo travelogue made up of a pastiche of my emails and diary etc?

1 PM

Just received a call from Jerry. They will be in Rayong tomorrow. I must call them and arrange to meet with them.

2 PM

Received a call from Nikki in Italy. He was with Hayden. Hayden got on the phone and told me about his new batman watch that Nikki bought him. Hr also asked me why I did not pay Pi Newan and the electricity. Nikki told me he had been brainwashed on that matter. Nikki was returning to Zürich today and his course will finish mid-month. Does not know if they will be coming back to Thailand, but Natalie said something about returning to Chiang Mai for Hayden’s school. We will see…


Preparing to leave to join Gates and friends for his last night in Thailand.
Finished a draft of a new diary for Kos. I think it may be too histrionic and inflammatory for most readers. Maybe after I sleep on it I will reconsider its publication.

I have renamed the diary, Trenz Pruca’s Journal. Catchy eh?

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