This and that from re Thai r ment. June 3, 2010

Despite the wonders of my newly invented calendar, I have begun to lose track of time.

The Thai political situation has devolved into posturing. Abhsit the Unready, the current prime minister beat back an attempt by the Red Shirt party in the Thai legislature to force a no confidence vote over the government’s handling of the protests. Abhisit the Unwilling is now playing coy with the promise he made during the protest to hold new elections before his term expires.

Meanwhile, Charlern the New Pretender, the leader of a faction of the Red Shirts who strategically withheld support for the protestors during the riots, has now moved into the position of the most likely Prime Minister should elections ever be held and prepares for his presumed ascendency.

And what of Thaksin the Omnipresent, the deposed prime minister and the putative cause of it all? Well, the government with great fanfare branded him a terrorist and threatened to contact Interpol to find him so that he could be extradited and stand trial in Thailand as a terrorist. Subsequently, the threats have mostly disappeared from the press as the government promises to study the issue. And of the man himself, Thaksin the Nonpareil what of him? He is reputed to be purchasing an island off the coast of Montenegro from where he may settle and like Napoleon at Elba to plot his eventual return. Sic transit gloria.

And of the Red Shirt masses little is heard. My masseuse, however, belongs to some type of cell phone group called “Red Shirt Gossip”. Her phone rings every 10 minutes or so with the latest “gossip”. She refuses to tell me what it is. Very annoying.


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