This and that from re Thai r ment. June 26, 2010

I have returned from Paradise in the Mountains to Paradise by the Sea. That trip was a sad one for me. Hayden appears to be doing better. One can see the growing maturity on each visit. He was still cool towards me, the residue of his mother’s antipathy. Nevertheless, he appeared to warm up to me as our time together progressed although when I left, I could see another disappointment in his eyes.

His mother plans to take him to live in San Francisco in September and I assume with that, that chapter of my life will be closed. The house in Paradise in the Mountains is up for sale. Hayden tore down the “For Sale” sign twice and told his mother that is was his home, and asked where would he keep his toys.

On the other hand, the trip provided the occasion to visit with friends I made in Chiang Mai these last few months. I had dinner with an acquaintance from San Francisco who introduced me to a pretty good French Restaurant in downtown CM. My friend lives in CM and plays guitar in a band that performs in a club called “Guitar Man” located near the French Restaurant. And of course it is always great to visit with the principal at Hayden’s School and her husband and son. The son, Leo, is Hayden’s best friend. Gerry, the husband, is from New Zealand and my source for all things about Northern Thailand, Music and Old Movies. The Missionaries who befriended me in the vain hope of saving my soul are off in India for a month or so saving souls for the “nailed god” and the Southern Baptist Convention. I was also introduced to a retired DOJ agent who lives with his Thai wife in Paradise in the Mountains. I sometimes amuse myself contemplating what a DOJ agent in a foreign country actually does.

Back in Paradise by the Sea, nothing much changes. The condo now offers, for charge, connection to the internet in the units. The free internet connection in the lobby where I am writing this remains.

Since I have returned, I spend some of my time listening to “Old Time Radio” thanks to cuzin Irwin who turned me onto the sites. I still feel a bit of the thrill of fear I felt as a child when the CBS Mystery Theater came on with the squeaking door and e.g. Marshall would, in his sepulchral voice, introduce the nights mystery. That is when I used to turn the radio off and hide under the covers. Now, I still hide under the covers, but I leave the radio…Computer audio…on.

I guess the news scares me more than Mystery Theater now. I have taken to turning off the TV when the news comes on and hiding under the covers.


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