This and that from re Thai r ment. June 28, 2010

The wi-fi internet hot spots have been down in the lobby and in my breakfast cafe. They tell me they will be up and running tomorrow (today is Sunday). I think I will try to find another spot in the area this evening. Otherwise I do not know when this will get posted. Obviously, if you received this, I found a place.

The conflict between the condominium association and the developer has taken a nasty turn (I guess we can call this the “Lesser Game” as opposed to the “Great Game” I mentioned in a prior email). Apparently when the new Board of the HOA assumed control, it was unaware that the developer never granted to the condominium control over the only access road to the building. The developer still owns the road and is threatening to close it off if he is not reinstated as the manager of the building or paid blood money in compensation. I guess the developer is within his Thai property and capitalist rights to bugger his neighbor.

It was this tendency of the traders and land owners in the middle ages to screw each other with impunity that forced them to turn to whichever biker gang was in control of the area at the time, to enforce rules of fairness in commercial conduct that allowed the capitalistic system that we all so pledge our allegiance to thrive. I wonder if the masters of finance today have the wisdom of the burghers of old or do they see themselves as the successors to the biker gangs instead?

Whoa Joe— that was quite a trip — from an obscure conflict over an access road in Paradise by the Sea, through the middle ages and ending in the board room of Goldman Sachs. That’s what happens when ones mind becomes unmoored and he is reduced to talking to himself.

Having lost access to the internet and become less and less fond of talking to myself, I have abandoned all common sense and flung myself into watching Thai television. Not the english language channels mind you but the Thai soap operas and historical epics. I do not understand what is being said but I find that I have begun to understand the story lines. Unlike in American stories where plot generally is the traditional boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl again, in Thailand the plot appears to be boy meets girl, second girl plots to separate boy from girl while an older woman is up to no good and an older man acts like an idiot.

I hope your day has been at least as rewarding as mine,


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