This and that from re Thai r ment. August 10, 2010

Daily quote:
“In every country and every age, the priest had been hostile to Liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson

Daily Factoid:
1444 Bavarian merchants discovered selling adulterated saffron are burned alive. (I bet you thought that was reserved for witches and heretics)

Daily correction:
After further research regarding the recently deceased nun that I commented upon it my last email, I have discovered the incident took place in the soon to secede State of Virginia and not in New Jersey. My apologies to the Garden State. The driver was indeed someone here illegally, a Latin American brought here by his parents when he was only about three years old. He grew up here and was educated in the United States. He is employed and is an alcoholic who has been cited for DUI two times before. The INS had him in custody following the previous infractions and released him pending investigation of his status. Everything else however is correct. I am not Fox News. I sometimes acknowledge my mistakes. Sometimes I don’t, but then I don’t claim to be “fair and balanced” either.

Daily Weather Report:
It is the monsoon season here in Thailand. In this happy valley, most days feature cumulus mountains white and black on the horizon and a dark grey sheet of clouds directly overhead with blue sky in between. Then, in the evenings or at night it rains. The air is hot and muggy but thankfully the horrible air pollution that almost did me in in March is gone. The heavy monsoon rains were late this year. If they do not come much heavier in the time remaining for the season, the multi-year drought will continue. I surmise the impact of climate change has displaced the monsoon westward (more for Pakistan and less for SE Asia).

Daily Status Report:
My room here is also the habitation of several wall lizards. I find them pleasant company but not very good conversationalist. I will leave here on Thursday. I shall miss them.

Daily Political Report:
Thailand is in a pissing match with their neighbor Cambodia over a few acres of land I suspect neither knew they owned nor cared about. Then Cambodia realized that the land in question contained a temple built during its years of empire when Cambodia ment something in South East Asia instead of a bombing run, killing field or playground for pedophiles. Cambodia claimed the land upon which the temple sits and asked the UN to declare it a World Heritage Site. Both sides have threatened war to defend their sacred honor and patrimony. The World Court found that the land upon which the temple sits is in Cambodia, but Thailand still claims that the surrounding land is theirs and that by constructing a road to access the long forgotten historical site, Cambodia is infringing upon sovereign Thai lands. Meanwhile a group calling itself the Patriotic something or other has been pressuring the government to assert strongly Thailand’s claim. I do not know if the Patriots are allied with the Red or the Yellow shirts or have a color all their own. Stay tuned.

Daily Hayden Report:
Today, while he was having his after school ice cream, he asked me if I was rich. I told him that I had some money once but that it is mostly gone now but I always hope I will have some again. “Why do you ask?”, I inquired. “Because I would like you to be rich again,” he responded.

Daily Photographs:
The first is a picture of my condominium building taken from the beach at Paradise by the Sea Two Miles from the Outskirts of Hell. The Restaurant, Cafe del Mar at which I usually eat my breakfast and write these emails is the orange roofed building directly behind and above the umbrellas.

The second picture is of Hayden under his umbrella. It is his favorite photograph.


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