This and that from re Thai r ment. August 18, 1012

Today’s Factoid:
12,000 BC Wild grasses are harvested by the Natufians in the Levant. (If you ate wild grasses you would be Natufian also.)

Today’s Quote:
“I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.”
Ronald Reagan

Today’s Thailand economic report:
N learned from her father that the price of latex produced from the rubber trees on their properties has hit 105 baht (about $3) a Kilo. It used to hover between 30 and 50 baht for many years. Either the use of condoms (one of the primary uses for the Thai rubber crop) has skyrocketed as a result of the recession (what else are you going to do if you don’t have a job) or the world-wide prices of natural resources are escalating as predicted or the Thai government has increased price supports as one of their economic stimulus measures or something else again.

This morning (August 16) we left the South and returned to BKK. I have returned to Jomtien Beach for a day or two while Hayden attends to some dental appointments. I have been told that he then may come to Jomtien Beach (Paradise by the Sea) to stay at my condo until he and his mother depart to wherever by the end of the month.

Among the things that I will fondly remember from my short trip to the South, occurred yesterday when Kuhn Pa and I (neither of whom speaks the other’s language) attempted to bond. He invited me to join with him sitting on a mat he had laid on the grass in the shade of some trees in the front yard. I did and we sat there together smiling at one another for a while. Then he showed me his heart medicine. I in turn showed him a bottle of my mosquito repellant. We both nodded and smiled at each other and for the next hour or so we sat there together in companionable silence. I enjoyed sitting there. It was cool enough and I could smell the earth and the grass as I contemplated the billows of differentiated biomass that rose above the house and garden like clouds into the blue sky.

I also liked to watch from my balcony the children playing below. There were usually between six to ten of them ranging in age from about four to sixteen. While most were related to Hayden in one way or another, one omnipresent group was referred to by Natalie as the “poor” kids.

It seems that several years ago N.’s now deceased grandmother gave to a local indigent woman a house (one of the traditional Thai wooden cottages on stilts) on the family property to live in. The women promptly began producing progeny (about eight in all) from various unknown fathers. The children have grown up well and into a close-knit group. One of the children is a Down’s Syndrome child who actively participates in all the games. Every once in a while he will stop playing look up at me and smile and wave. He is the only one who does.

Todays photograph:

The photograph attached below I have named “Thailand Gothic.” Pictured from left to right: Someone I do not know who was introduced to me as an uncle and drove the truck with us in it to the airport. Next to him is someone else I do not know but suspect is the father of the uncle; next we have Kuhn Pa anxiously awaiting his heart surgery in a few days; finally on the far right is Kuhn Pa’s wife and mother of the clan, she of the deadly broom.

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