This and that from re Thar r ment. July 28, 2010

Daily Factoid: In 500 BC Turkey domesticates the, you guessed it, turkey. (Hmm could this be right, I always thought the turkey was something the American Indians gave as a gift to feed colonists so just before they were exterminated?)

Quote of the day:
“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
Thomas Jefferson

CORRECTION: One of my correspondents more familiar with the Thai language has pointed out that the name “BOY” mentioned in my previous email in spoken Thai could mean “often”. I leave it to your imagination to deduce what was on the father’s mind when he named his son “OFTEN.”

Thai Politics: The preferred replacement for the Thai police chief has been announced in the newspaper. As I previously pointed out this appointment is politically important as the police were generally seen as sympathetic to the Red Shirts. Also a bomb has been exploded in downtown Bangkok killing one person. The Red Shirts claim that they were not responsible and that it was the military government who planted the bomb to make it look like a red shirt action so they could extend the state of emergency (which is what appears to have happened). As I commented in another email this could be plausible since the conflict is no longer a socio-economic one, but a conflict over control over the dominant institutions of Thailand with the military general the most eager to defend their prerogatives. On the other hand it is equally plausible that some elements of the Red Shirts set off the bomb. I mentioned before that I expected the more heavily armed members of the Red Shirts who escaped the army sweep of downtown BKK, like most suppressed rebels will degenerate first into terrorism (e.g., bombing) and then into criminality (e.g., robbing banks etc). One the other hand it could be neither of these. Stay tuned….

This morning began inauspiciously. “It was a dark and stormy morning.” Since, however, it had not begun raining and a brisk breeze was blowing making the temperature almost pleasant, I decided to walk the two kilometers from my condo to the Thai immigration office for my renewal of my 90 day residency authorization. As I walked along, as I often do, I lapsed into deep daydreams about who knows what and promptly walked into a low hanging sign and was knocked onto my back. A couple of Thai me rushed to help me up. I thanked them and told them I was all-right. My embarrassment peaked as I limped off (I had slightly twisted my ankle) and could hear their giggles. Further proof of the genetic and intellectual deficiencies of the fat, clumsy, white farang in their midst.

The immigration office visit was relatively painless, A short wait, a lot of stamping of documents and I was sent on my way again a legal resident for another 90 days.

In my role as a bit player in the Hayden drama, Tomorrow or Friday I will leave again for CM. It appears that the heroes of the play, Choti (the school principal) and Gerry her husband have persuaded SWAC to leave Hayden with them and their son Leo at least until September so that he could finish this semester at school before going to the US. Since the big house has been rented Choti and Gerry kindly offered to allow Hayden and me to stay in their home until he departs. They have steadfastly refused all offers of compensation from me. I do not know how I could ever repay them for their kindness. My traditional obliviousness to politeness and gratitude makes it even more difficult for me to figure out what to do. Perhaps if I ever get back to my attempts of writing fiction, I could write a detective story with them as the detectives. Choti, as the school principal would find herself (as she already has been) involved in the lives of their Baptist, Thai-Farang and wealthy Thai family problems. Her tall, thin, long-haired, tattooed, motorcycle riding, book reading, rugby obsessed ( go All-Blacks) and music loving husband assisting her in solving the mysteries. Since Gerry is a New Zealander, I would have to learn a bit of their slang, a lot of “mums” and “mates” and the like.

Anyway Nikki, Hayden and H’s two 14-year-old cousins showed up in Paradise by the Sea a few days ago. They rented a two bedroom suite in a toney hotel nearby. in fact it was the same suite in the same hotel that I used to stay in when I did not understand the use of money as anything more the entitling me to stay is such places and fly first class.

Today’s photos were taken during their stay. The first on is of me and Hayden in the hotel pool and the second is of part of the hotel grounds.

Finally, as most of you know I have done a bit or writing for a left-wing blog. Recently, I started a blog of my own, basically to store those same submissions usually in a revised and reedited form in response to comments and additional research. While I have no ambition to have this later blog achieve any recognition, I have been troubled by a graphic on my home page that shows the number of “hits.” The absence of “hits” makes me feel inadequate. While I do not wish to urge on you need to read the entries since they were written primarily for practice and the whet the appetites (or insult as the case may be) of the rabid readers of the parent blog, you may want to connect into my blog and then immediately disconnect just so that the hit counter shows some movement and I can persuade myself that I am engaged in something other than self-flagellation. The email address is


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