This and that from re Thai r ment, by 3Th. October 21. 2010

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s factoid:

In one 6-episode story of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Bullwinkle finds the Ruby Yacht of Omar Khayyam in the town of

Frostbite Falls(on the shores of Veronica Lake, no less).

Today’s news from Thailand:

1. In light of the scandal surrounding the recording on a mobile phone from a meeting between a MP and court personnel indicating an attempt by the MP to influence a pending court decision, the Constitutional Court banned mobile phones from meetings with Court Judges. I assume however, meetings to influence pending cases are still ok.

2. A report in the BP indicates that suppression of the Red Shirts remains a higher priority for the Thai military general staff than defeat of the armed insurrection by muslim terrorists in South Thailand.

3.As a result of a strike by migrant workers, the workers gained the right to possess their own passports. It appears that until recently, employers required migrant workers to surrender their passports while employed. Often the confiscated passports when returned following the employment contained photographs of people other than the passport holder pasted over or replacing the original.

Pookie’s continuing adventures in Thailand:


A few day’s ago, Gun Girl called inviting me to join her for dinner at a restaurant she likes near by. She offered to pick me up at my condo at 7 PM that evening.

Following my late afternoon nap, I showered, shaved, powdered and scented myself, brushed my teeth, swirled some mouthwash, put on a new pair of pants and a just laundered shirt and waited.

At about 7:20 she called and said she had gotten into an accident with a motorcycle at a street corner close to my condo and asked me to assist her. I left and walked to the intersection of the street she mentioned and Beach Road. I did not see her and called her cell phone. She said that she was actually at the corner of the street a few blocks down from Beach Road but that she was getting things in order and no longer needed my help. She asked me to go back to the condo, promising to call when she had finished. I told her I would wait for her call at Cafe Le Mar instead.

I walked back to the restaurant and sat at the bar, ordered coke and watched a music video of Celine Deion in concert. She would often stop between songs and speak to the audience for a very long time. As she spoke, the audience would alternately, cheer, laugh or cry. I had no idea what she said since I do not understand French.

She impressed me as a remarkably ungainly woman. She moves with all the awkwardness of a 13-year-old girl.

Her songs all sounded eerily the same. The same breathy two or three notes over and over again.

After watching and listening to her for over an hour, I thought I had gone insane.

Caterina Sforza

Caterina Sforza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s quote:

“Fortune helps the intrepid and abandons cowards… whatever may come, I am resolved to follow the course until death.”

Caterina Sforza, Countess of someplace or another in Italy.

For those who would like to know more about what made Caterina so special, please see the attached.

The following is one episode in the remarkable life of Caterina Sforza as related by Ben Thompson in his blog, “Badass of the Week“.

One night after dinner a bunch of angry guests stabbed Caterina’s husband to death, threw him out a window, and dragged his naked corpse through the streets of his capital. Caterina barricaded herself in her chambers with her children, but was eventually captured by the same douchebags who killed her husband. These dickheads dragged her out to one of her castles, stuffed a sword in her face, and ordered her to have the garrison commander surrender.

She responded by saying she needed three hours to go inside and negotiate with the dude and that it would be all good in the hood. These morons allowed it, so of course she went inside, reneged on her deal, and immediately started organizing the city’s defenders to resist.

The dumbshit conspirators then dragged her screaming children outside the castle, threatening her by saying they would execute the children one by one if she didn’t come back down, but she flipped them the bird, hiked up her skirt, grabbed her crotch threateningly, and told them that she didn’t care what they did to her kids because she “bears the instrument to make more”.

La dama dei gelsomini by Lorenzo di Credi Port...

La dama dei gelsomini by Lorenzo di Credi Portrait of Caterina Sforza. Location: Museum of Forlì in Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s pretty stone cold. Not only did this crazy chick basically moon the entire army of conspirators with her junk and leave her own kids to die (they lived BTW – the jailers didn’t have the balls to kill them, even after Caterina called their bluff), but her Girls Gone Wild: Ultimate Xtreme Renaissance Championship Hyper Fighting Edition antics pumped up the defenders of the castle and left the dumbass rebel leaders with the morale-crushing realization that they’d basically just let their one piece of leverage walk right into the front door of her castle. How stupid can you be?

The garrison held out for two weeks, before Caterina turned the tables, crushed the conspiracy, defeated her enemies, and rescued her children. When she finally caught the man behind the plot, she tied him up, forced him to watch as she burned down his house, and then dragged him around the town square behind her horse for a while. Once he was covered from head to toe in third-degree road rash burns, she had him publicly dismembered, piece by piece, and reportedly got quite a kick out of watching the horrified look on his face as her executioner tossed the dude’s severed body parts into the assembled crowd one by one.

Did I mention that you didn’t want to cross her?


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