This and that from re Thai r ment, bt 3Th. April 13, 2011


2004. The Journal of the American Psychological Society published a study that found that “Women prefer both the scent of symmetrical men and masculine male faces more during the fertile (late follicular and ovulatory) phases of their menstrual cycles than during their infertile (e.g., luteal) phases. Men’s behavioral displays in social settings may convey signals that affect women’s attraction to men even more strongly.” The Study also found that women preferred men who “displayed social presence and direct intrasexual competitiveness increased on (the woman’s) high-fertility days relative to low-fertility days, but only in a short-term, not a long-term, mating context.”

In other words, during certain periods of the month, when a woman is feeling like she would like some sex, good-looking confident guys have a better chance of a one night stand with her than guys not so good-looking and confident. Who would have thought.

The study also found that during the other times of the month women would consider long-term relationships with the not so good-looking guys as long as they were rich. Wow! Isn’t science grand?


a. What does it all mean:

Recently the General in charge of the war against the islamic separatists in the three southernmost districts of the country has proposed combining the three districts into a single semi-autonomous state headed by a strong governor (himself of course) who he maintains would be better able to bring the warring parties together and end the insurgency.

One has to understand that the Thai Army general staff considers the indigenous Red Shirts a greater threat to Thailand than the separatist (often foreign) insurgents in the south. Therefore, they have begun the process of separating that part of the country from the rest, so that they could better concentrate their attention (and forces) on the political threat to the particular military faction currently in ascendency.

b. Context:

To better understand what is occurring now in Thailand I thought it would be helpful to quote from an article in the Bangkok Post written on September 19, 2010, almost 7 months ago:

“The Cost of the 2006 Coup

Since Sept 19, 2006, the military’s budget has almost doubled — going from 85 billion baht at that time to 154 billion baht this year. That number is set to jump to 170 billion next year. There are some 1,100 generals in the army.

‘There has not been such a consolidation of power by a single class of army graduates since the rise of Class 5 led by another coup-maker Gen. Suchinda Kraprayoon, in 1991’ (Surachat Bamrungsuk, political science professor, Chulalongkorn U).

Among our neighbors, military power has only reached this level in Burma.

The increased role of the military overtook the space for a civilian government. In fact, the army has actually taken on a new role as political manager.”


English: The roads along the old moat of Chian...


This is the week of the Songkran Festival in Thailand where roving bands of happy Thais and vicious farangs spray anyone foolish enough to be out on the streets with water in an effort to encourage, apparently by sympathetic magic, the timely arrival of the Monsoon rains. Given the floods that have recently devastated the country, one would think that they would reconsider the goal of the festival, at least for this year,

Despite my dislike of the festival and the repeated drenching I will experience, I intend to depart for Paradise by the Sea tomorrow and run the gauntlet of the mostly crazed and drunken revelers that will line my route from downtown Pattaya to my condominium.


Chapter 17.

The Vince Biondi character called a hastily arranged meeting of all the characters of the novel, “Red Star,” in the firm’s still mostly under-described conference room. As they began to crowd into the room he noticed that there were even some characters that had not yet been introduced into the book. Since they had not yet been developed they for the most part appeared undefined and ghost like. Nevertheless, in some cases he could make out the type of character they would become. One, standing behind him too close for comfort, he was sure was destined to become a standard issue contract killer.

He decided to begin before everyone had settled into their places.

“I have just spoken to the author,” he said loudly enough to be heard over the din. The room quieted markedly but not completely as some late arrivers were still moving about.

“He wanted me to inform you all of the results of his request to his reviewers and readers as to their interest in  continuation of the novel.” He paused briefly for dramatic effect. “No one, not one of the 40 or so queried indicated any interest in the work. In fact, not even one responded to his inquiry at all”

In the enclosed space of the conference room the noise from collective intake of breath, cries of ‘Oh no’ and the like, the whisperings, and movement of bodies and chairs combined into a roar that Vince knew he could not talk over so he raised his hand for quiet and waited until things settled down enough for him to be heard. “The author wanted me to read to you the following message from him.”

Vince looked down on the piece of paper lying flat on the conference table in front of him, cleared his throat and read:

“As most of you know although it was my fervent desire to complete the novel upon which you have all been engaged (It is my first after all), I am quite resigned to moving on to other things. Although I was eager to get to some of the planned but unwritten expository chapters, I have not the slightest idea how to end the mystery story.

Nevertheless, I am quite aware of the sacrifices that you have made to give me this opportunity to write my first novel. So, before you begin your search for other employment…”

Here Vince hesitated slight;y at  mention of other employment. He knew and the others in the room knew that for most of them, there was no other employment, this was the end of the line, after this there was only oblivion as their characters were thrown back into the character pool and broken up into their constituent parts until reassembled as new characters in a new literary work.

“…I would like to let you know that I remain open to suggestions from you as to how I may be able to mitigate this burden on you all”

Here the message ended and Vince looked up into faces in various stages of definition that looked back at him. He never thought the author was particularly talented. Now he knew he was an asshole also.

He waited….

a. 30,000 year development of the art of painting:
1. 30,000 years ago:

2. Contemporary:

b. Insults for every day use that are sure to incite retaliation:


c. Yiddish for the beginner (from Wikipedia) (cont.):

fleishig: made with meat.
ganef or gonif: thief, scoundrel.
gelt: money; chocolate coins eaten on Hanukkah.
glitch: a minor malfunction.
golem: a man-made humanoid; an android, Frankenstein monster.
goy: a Gentile, someone not of the Jewish faith or people.
haimish (also heimish): home-like, friendly, folksy.
huck; sometimes “hock,” “huk,” “hak”. Etc.: to bother incessantly, to break, or nag.
kibitz: to offer unwanted advice, e.g., to someone playing cards; to converse idly, hence a kibitzer.
klutz: clumsy person.
kosher: conforming to Jewish dietary laws; (slang) appropriate, legitimate.
kvell: to feel delighted and proud to the point of tears.
kvetch: to complain habitually, gripe; as a noun, a person who always complains.

d. The Mac attack:

“Men have imagined republics and principalities that never really existed at all. Yet the way men live is so far removed from the way they ought to live that anyone who abandons what is, for what should be pursues his downfall rather than his preservation; for a man who strives after goodness in all his acts is sure to come to ruin, since there are so many men who are not good.”
Niccolo Machiavelli, “The Prince”


Another one of my favorites I felt worthy of repeating:

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago.
We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes,
it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.
Hit it.”
Blues Brothers

The Very Best of The Blues Brothers

The Very Best of The Blues Brothers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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