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1. 2011: More people live in Greater Tokyo than in all of Canada.

2. 2009: In the US, there were 7.2 million people in prison and under official supervision like probation — a larger population than the state of Washington.


1. Norway. A correspondent of mine forwarded the following interesting email he received from an acquaintance in Norway(7/24/11 3PM BKK) who had obtained some information from one of his Norwegian colleagues who has a high-ranking Norwegian Police friend:

“All of the weapons and bullets were hidden on the island several weeks prior to this event that was two years in the planning!

The culprit was a member of a Nazi group albeit a low key one without a Police record but was known to the Police.

The bomb was a diversionary tactic to enable the shooter to cause as much killing as possible while all Police resources were deployed elsewhere. It was a summer camp for Labour party youth with the intent to kill possible future Labour party ministers and Government officials.”

If true, it sounds like a lot of work for only one man to carry out.

2. Today:  A third military helicopter crashed along the Thai-Burmese border bringing the death toll to 17.

3. Current:The Thai Prime Minister candidate Yingluck has denied that her brother, the exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin and her family are choosing the members of her cabinet stating, “…just you wait and see my Cabinet first.”

4. Current: The recently defeated Democratic Party has not won a Thai national election in 19 years. Nevertheless, it governed the country for a majority of that time having been installed by several military coups and a court decision.

1. It has been raining fairly constantly in BKK for the past two days. My only adventures have been walking to and from my apartment to either the health club or to my usual local eating/internet places. While it may be true that a short walk in BKK can be adventuresome indeed, there is little that bears telling except that the rain has driven the ladies and ladyboys of the mornings, afternoons and evenings off the sidewalks and into the doorways.

2. I have not yet received word of the arrival of my Italian hosts, Vittorio and Anita in Thailand. Probably just as well given the rain, although I found that when it is raining in BKK it is often sunny at Paradise by the Sea.

3. Did I mention that in addition to a bout of recurring depression I am becoming bored? I am happy that I am lazy and despise the discomfort of wet clothes or I would consider running out into the rain and doing something for which I would later feel embarrassed.




Ike leaned forward, carefully placed his tea-cup on the law table, leaned back into his chair and said slowly, “I thought it was time that we all got on the same page here.”

“If you knew these people,” Vince sputtered, “you were required to disclose that to me when I hired you to represent me and the firm. They represent the government in its investigation.”

Ah, yes,” said Ike quietly. “First, as you recall, I was retained to represent you and not the firm. They are represented by competent counsel. You asked, me to look into the matter on your behalf, and I did. I believe my brief to represent you included setting up this meeting. You are not yet ‘a person of interest’ in the investigation but we all fear that you soon may be and perhaps even more.”

Isabella and Mr. Jessel sat placidly on the sofa watching him as though they fully expected this exchange between Ike and him.

That he personally may become further involved in the Red Star investigation than he already was, rattled Vince. “OK, but if you knew these people, you were supposed to disclose it to me. And why all this secrecy?”

“As too your question regarding the secrecy, it is because both your guests and I believe that your office and phones have been compromised, and not just by the government.”

I don’t believe it. How do you know that?”

“We will get to that in a moment. But I believe I need to clarify your mistaken assumption about my prior knowledge of my guests with reference to your interests. I had never met either Ms. Yeung or Mr Jessel before you retained me, although of course I was aware of some Ms. Yeung’s exploits. You, if you recall never mentioned either name to me during our conversations. I only learned of Ms. Yeung’s involvement from the irrepressible Ray. I was not sure if it was the same Isabella Yeung that I had heard about, so I telephoned her. That led to subsequent discussions with both her and Mr. Jessel and ultimately this meeting.”

He stopped speaking. Vince sat there in silence for a few moments, looked over at Isabella and the old man calmly staring back at him. He imagined a slight smile playing at her lips. This annoyed him greatly, thinking she was amused at his expense and he could feel his temper rising.

“All right,” he finally said exhaling in a vain attempt to relieve the tension rising in him. “Why don’t you tell me what this is all about?”


a. Eponymous laws:

Sayre’s law“In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the stakes at issue.” By way of corollary, the law adds: “That is why academic politics are so bitter.”

I thought that was the definition of Politics.

b. Trenz Pruca’s Aphorisms, Apothegms, Epigrams and Maxims ( http:/

“There is no such thing as a free market. There is always a transaction cost.”

c. You must be a Republican ( http:/ if you believe that:

“Providing affordable healthcare for children and all Americans is a governmental interference with the private market but subsidies to defense contractors are not.”

d. Testosterone Chronicles:

“Elevated testosterone causes men to behave antisocially.”
Source: Testosterone Administration Decreases Generosity in the Ultimatum Game.

Who would have thought?


“Don’t be so humble–you are not that great.”
—Golda Meir


“To divide fairly among the people the obligation to pay for these benefits has been a major part of our struggle to maintain Democracy in America. Ever since 1776, that struggle has been between two forces; on the one hand there has been a vast majority of citizens who believe the benefits of democracy should be extended and who are willing to pay their fair share to extend them. And on the other hand, there has been a small but powerful group which has fought the extension of these benefits because they did not want to pay a fair share of their cost. That was the lineup in seventeen hundred and seventy-six and it’s the lineup today. And I am confident that once more, in nineteen thirty-six democracy in taxation will win. Here is my principle, and I think it’s yours too; Taxes shall be levied according to ability to pay. That is the only American principle.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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