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This and that from re Thai r ment. June 30 2010

I have just returned from my weekly Wednesday afternoon BBQ. The feast is held at a place called the Jade Palace owned by a German expatriate and caters to mostly American white males. In addition to the copious amount of BBQ meat oozing the melted fat of various species of ruminant (A cuisine favored by the American bull male but treated with disgust by the Thai), the bar was flooded with scantily clad young Thai women who cluster around, like flies on offal, the mountainous flesh of the American whales gathered there . My age and limited financial resources (and no, not the common sense that my mother always told me I have in short supply) prevented me from indulging in anything more than consuming my weekly ration of burned animal flesh.

Nevertheless as I ate I grew contemplative. Why that scene prompted such meditation I refuse to guess. However a number if the emails I have sent and received these last few days have got me thinking about life and my role in it (always a bad sign). I thought, that for me at least, life was in the experience and not in what I have done or what has been done to me. I guess, as I have mentioned before in these emails, the words of one of my favorite philosophers Scarlett O’Hara rings ever true “Tomorrow is another day.”

Speaking of tomorrow or thereafter, I plan to go back to Chiang Mai at the end of next week to visit Hayden. Since his mother plans on returning with him to San Francisco in September, this may be one of the last chances I will get to see him, or even communicate with him. His imminent departure has presented me with a quandary. Do I stay here in Paradise by the Sea attending my weekly BBQ and enjoying the occasional massage or do I do something else?

It has been suggested by some (mostly by me) that I move around a bit, to live for a while in other low-cost jurisdictions. I have found that it is the traveling and governmental fees that tend to break my budget but if I stay in the same place for two or three months, I actually save money.

I would like to spend some time in India and Srinagar where I have never been, believing I was not yet mature enough to experience India. I have also been looking at New Zealand and Australia as places to stop for a few months along the way. Ghana has been suggested as a good place to live for a while before proceeding on to Megiddo where I have planned to meet my friend Irwin on December 21, 2012, to watch the world’s end play out below us on the Plains of Armageddon, not so much because I believe the world will actually end but because it gives me something to plan for.

If the world does not end, I can make my way back to Thailand along the silk route.

Maybe I can find a sponsor. AARP may want to sponsor me in return for an article on “How far can a 70-year-old go on social security go before he starves to death, dies of exposure or some dread disease or is slain by bandits.”

Or I can just take a nap…Which I think I will do now.


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This and that from re Thai r ment. June 13, 2010

I few of you have wondered why I have not written in a while. I thank you for the reminder and for helping me break from my ennui.

I am not sure why this past week or so I have been so lethargic. It could be that the heat keeps me indoors for most of the day. I have become a bit of a recluse sitting on my balcony in Paradise by the Sea and staring out across the landscape to the Outskirts of Hell. Somedays, I promise myself to travel those two miles so that I may fall from grace, but in the end I choose to watch re-runs of Law and Order or the Sci-fi Channel which seem to be the only english language stations with programming other than news.

The news channels are relatively bereft of american news. Except for Faux News, my choices are Al Jazeera, a French station that reads the news in english with a heavy French accent, a Japanese english language news channel, one from Australia that I can understand no better than I can the french channel. Every now and then there is a BBC and CNN broadcast but they are not regular broadcasts for some reason. I have been surprised that of them all, Al Jazeera seemed the most professional and its production quality was second only to Fox Noise.

As for my writing I have been a little disappointed in the response to my political diary on the left-wing blog. After a promising start my readership began to fall off. I guess my harangues began to become tiresome. So like all entertainers, I decided to try to become more outrageous in an effort to recapture my fading fan base(all 20 or 30 of them).

With the recent contretemps on the high seas off of Israel, I, like everyone else, thought I found a subject on which I could burnish my reputation for sharp-eyed insight and analysis. And, although my analysis was confirmed by later reports and almost everyone else writing for the blog on the subject readership skyrocketed, mine remained mired in mediocrity.

So, undaunted, realizing that those events occurred not too far from Megiddo where the final battle of Armageddon is to occur, I wrote a short piece on Marching to Armageddon that demonstrated clearly that, as many in the previous administration prayed for and predicted, we were clearly entering the final days. This produced the comment from one reader “So what, we all have to die sometime. Hahahahahahaha!.”

Undeterred by this response, my next post contained the argument that the problems affecting the world were caused a massive human induced testosterone poisoning of the globe (Global testosteroning) occasioned by the existence of too many men in the global environment. From an evolutionary standpoint, I maintained, the world would be much better off if they were reduced to only bout 1% of the population. I then pointed out some of the improvements that could be expected with the reduction in these mobile testosterone emitters, like fewer BBQ’s resulting in less meat consumed and… well you know where that is gong. I included other similarly appropriate examples. This received a relative outpouring of comments (10) from irate men whose sole argument seemed to be that women could be just as bad as men. They then usually mentioned Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter as examples of the evil to which women can aspire. Now given the ambiguity of Ann’s sex, I have to dismiss that example since after all she may only be in disguise. But as for Sarah, even though I am no fan of hers, as the exemplar of evil in the same class as Vlad the Impaler, Hitler and all those paragons of maleness, really now……

Anyway, since then I have temporarily halted publication of my submittals to that esteemed blog while I reconsider this career path. Nobody understands me……


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