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This and that from re Thai r ment, by 3Th. December 11, 2010


thailand sukothai parade 02

thailand sukothai parade 02 (Photo credit: FriskoDude)

a. Department of where have I heard that before:

The two cases before the Constitutional Court of Thailand seeking dissolution of the ruling party have been thrown out not on the merits or failure of the plaintiffs to follow correct procedures but because the ruling parties appointees or the courts own personnel failed to do so. (Shades of Gore v. Bush).

As a result of the decision, the Emergency Decree prohibiting political demonstrations or anything else deemed  political has been recommended to be lifted for the Bangkok area.

b. Department of media matters:

The top Google searches in Thailand are; the Red Shirt protests, a Korean Boy Band and a Thai country tune about a prodigal son.

The Thai version of “A boy Named Sue”?

c. Department of you heard it here first:

A report of the Human Rights Commission based in Hong Kong reported that in Thailand, “…forces opposed to human rights and their allies had reemerged to take control of key national institutions….These forces were digging in to fight for political control of the country…The reemergence of the ‘Internal Security State’ in Thailand was following a similar pattern to the past but with more refined public relations and a sharper concern for noes types of political and technological threats to its authority.
Expanded use of emergency regulations to legitimatize all state actions while also producing impunity; failure to meet obligations under international human rights law; the obfuscation of truth and curtailment of justice; the failure of the country’s human rights institutions to perform according to their mandate.”

Now we know where Dick Chaney retired to.


As the days go by, I become more and more pleased with my life here. Either that or I have begun to go senile. I walk along the beach, swim, exercise in the weight room, write eat and sleep. Once a week I have my massage and dinner with friends. Bill has left and returned to the US already and Gary and David have also departed. As a result my evenings are free so that for the last few days I have had time to prepare for my trip back to the US for the holidays., Christmas shopping and packing.

This morning I walked to the place where I have my double café latte before going on to breakfast. I like the place because it has a radio tuned into some station that plays golden oldies from Do-Whop to Disco. I think it is a Thai station although they mostly speak American English. I sit there every morning listening to Frankie Lyman or whomever… Actually I lie, I have not heard anything from Frankie Lyman in over 40 years. Who is Frankie Lyman you may ask?… in the late 50’s he was the first black cross-over teenage singer (“Why do Fools Fall in Love”), that is a black musician liked by a majority of whites of which Michael Jackson a few years later was the prime example. He was not a “Black” musician like Little Richard or Chuck Berry who needed white singers such as Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis to introduce their sound to white America. And anyway at the time almost all the early Rock bands and singers, white and Black together were considered somewhat outlaw and not respectable. (Who can forget Pat Boone’s attempt to hi-jack this new music of behalf of racist America). Jackson eventually bridged that gap and made black music mainstream.

At that time in the late 50’s and early 60’s my friend Bob Cavallo and I began producing concerts for college kids featuring a mix of Jazz and the new Rock music. Bob ultimately went into the business (I went on to law school — bad choice) eventually specializing in this cross-over music with his management of Earth, Wind and Fire and Prince.

Anyway I sat there drinking my café latte and listening to the music and let my mind wander off to wherever is chooses to go. I will never understand why the meditation hucksters insisted on purging ones mind in order to achieve and altered state when simply giving it free rein achieves the same thing and is a lot more enjoyable. (This seems like something for a Baba Giufa tale.)

As my mind rummaged through its detritus, for some reason it stopped and played around with my memories of my theatre programs during my early years at University. Perhaps it was because last night I watched a movie starring Denzil Washington who attended the same program I did.

The director of the program was an old queen with the improbable name of Vaughn Dearing. He always looked like he slept in his clothes and was slightly drunk. He also never remembered to zipper up his fly.

I liked Vaughn’s approach. What I had experienced previously was that one auditioned and if successful was assigned a part. The director then spent most of the rest of the time in rehearsals making sure you learned your lines, remembered your cues and hit your mark on time.

Vaughn on the other hand, after selecting his cast through auditions, would not assign roles. Instead every day each actor and actress would assume a different role from the day before and work through the entire play (men played women’s roles and vice versa), You did not know which role you would play in the production until the last week of rehearsal.


Today I thought I would break into my cycle of tales and fables and include for your entertainment, a guest tale written by Cousin Irwin.


Setting: irwin is in New Jersey. it is the first day irwin has seen his birth-father in eighteen years having left New Jersey with his mom and grandmother when he was about six years old and never having a father who secured a percentage of irwin’s growing up time. irwin comes to New Jersey seeking something (yikes! close the windows we are coming to Secaucus) and to visit his father, aunts, grandfather (the only person who cried when greeting irwin), and cousins. He is carrying a guitar, wearing a beard and a moscow fur cap. He has no money in his wallet, having secured a vehicle ride across country by answering an ad from someone looking for someone to share the drive time.

Solomon Schatzman: “you know irwin, during these last eighteen years i often thought about coming out to California and kidnapping you”.

Irwin Schatzman: says nothing, blinks, and thinks, “Well, why didn’t you?”


a. Wisdom from the Princess Bride.

Westley: “I told you I would always come for you. Why didn’t you wait for me?” 
Buttercup: “Well… you were dead.”
Westley: “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” 

b, From God’s mouth to your ear:

Ahijah's prophesie to Jeroboam

Ahijah’s prophesie to Jeroboam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At this time, Jeroboam‘s son Abijah fell ill.
Jeroboam said to his wife, ‘Go to Ahijah the prophet in Shiloh. Take some bread, cakes, and honey. He will tell you what will happen to the child.’
Jeroboam’s wife set out and arrived in Shiloh at the house of Ahijah.
Now Ahijah was old and blind, but Yahweh had said to him, ‘Jeroboam’s wife is coming to ask about her son, for he is ill. Here is what you will say to her…’
As she entered the door, Ahijah said to her, ‘Come in, wife of Jeroboam, for I have been ordered to give you bad news. Tell Jeroboam that this is what Yahweh says…’
‘”You have committed more evil than all who came before you. You have angered me by making other gods made of metal, so now I will commit evil upon the family of Jeroboam!”‘
“I will exterminate all those who piss against the wall, men and boys! I will burn the family of Jeroboam the way one burns dung, until it is completely gone!”‘
“Those of Jeroboam’s family who die in the city will be eaten by dogs, and those who die in the country will be eaten by birds!”‘
‘Yahweh has spoken. Now go back home. As soon as you set foot in the city, the boy will die.’
So Jeroboam’s wife went back, and as soon as she crossed the threshold of the palace…”
…the boy died.
1 Kings 14: 1 – 17.


“I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature.” 
Thomas Jefferson

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