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This and that from re Thai r ment by Thorba the Thai. September 10, 2010

Today’s factoid:
A recent study by scholars a Princeton University found that an American is happiest day-to-day who has an income of about $75,000 per year.

(I must be very unhappy. On the other hand all you over achievers, knock it off and smell the flowers. Get a government job.)

Today’s quote:
“Obviously we loved sports, and the baby was born during the spring track season.”
Sarahpalin,–Going Rogue.

Today’s Thailand news bits:
1. In response to the where tourists in Bangkok are accosted by police and accused of violating the new law prohibiting the disposal of cigarette butts on sidewalks or streets and demanded to pay the 2000 baht fine to the accosting officer, the chief of Bangkok’s police has suggested that tourists refuse to pay the fine and fine another cop to complain to.

(This is a fascinating theory of police work, everyone should find his own corrupt cop. Then again isn’t it the way it works now?)

2. Recently the yellow shirt government has moved to consolidate its control over the red shirt leaning police by appointing as deputy police chief a government supporter who is under indictment for among other things conspiracy to commit murder.
3. Recent governmental investigations have uncovered widespread corruption in the disbursment of emergency relief fund for some recent storm caused flooding in various parts of Thailand.

(Oh my gawd, soon Thailand will become just another third world country like Louisiana.)

4. The dollar has dropped another 2% against the baht in the last two weeks.

Pookie’s news:
I just finished a John Gresham short story about a lawyer who gets fed up practicing law, rips off a few clients and runs off to a tropical paradise and lives happily ever after. While I like Gresham, he is no Sheldon Siegel. Once a week I trundle the two miles to the outskirts of hell, where the english language book store is located, to check for Sheldon’s latest publication. While his mystery and courtroom scenes are great, it is the latest doings of his main characters Mike and Rosie that I look forward to. They are more real to me than my life here.

Two of my favorite authors are Sheldon Siegel and William Kotzwinkle. At least Sheldon Siegel sounds like and author. Kotzwinkle sounds like a character in Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Speaking of Pee Wee, I am waiting for a revival of Pee Wee Herman and Soupy Sales’ great performances. In case you do not recall (or are not old enough to recall) one of Soupy’s more memorable bits was to tell his juvenile audience to go into mommy and daddy’s room while they were asleep and go into daddy’s pants, take out his wallet, extract a dollar and mail it to Soupy. While most 5 to 10 year olds got the joke, their parents had Soupy thrown off television.

Pee Wee, on the other hand is the metaphor for our generation, a happy life in a children’s playhouse exposed in the dark theater of history. Pee Wee’s come-back was in one of my all time favorite movies “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (the original) where he plays a vampire’s assistant. You should see it. There are memorable performances in it by Rutger Hauer as the chief Vampire and Donald Sutherland as Buffy’s instructor in vampire slaying.

One of my ex-clients, Danny Elfman, the oscar winning musician, got his start in movies by writing the theme songs for the Pee Wee playhouse movies. Danny told me once that he was an “Artist,” not a doped up guitar player. I wonder if Willie Nelson considers himself and artist.

Danny’s brother Rick was also a client. Rick is the director of some of the worst movies ever made. Movies so bad that they appear in the cult movie section of video stores. Movies so bad they use a pseudonym for the directors name. He directed such classics as “Forbidden Zone,” “Shrunken Heads,” “Streets of Rage” (Wherein he uses the pseudonym of “Aristide Pierre Laffite Sumatra of the Ton Ton Macoute”) and “Modern Vampires.”

The last of which, I made my film acting debut in a walk on role and crossed off item one of my bucket list. The movie was about a war in Los Angeles between the Vampires and the Mafia, one of the last movies in which Rod Steiger appeared (and justly so). I of course played a Mafia Don who, in my one scene, holds open the trunk of a black limousine into which my two mafia henchman, dump the “Queen of the Vampires”(played by Kim Cattrell in one of her earliest and most regretted roles) tightly wrapped in strings of garlic to keep her comatose (I kid you not). Sic transit gloria.


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