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This and that. January 17 2010

I arrived safely in Thailand and am now attempting to cope with jet lag in my hotel.

Normally I despise 20 hour plane rides, but sometimes, like on this trip, the movies make up for the discomfort. I managed to see:

The misspelled Bastards.

Great Tarantino. All the gratuitous violence you could want wrapped into an engaging story.

“Surrogates,” with Bruce Willis. He seems to make a career out of appearing beat up and disheveled. This was a lot like, but not as good as, “Twelve Monkeys” but worth seeing never the less.

“Zombie Land”. I expected to hate it but enjoyed it a lot. A road picture with 4 misfits who hook up and find a life if only to fight zombies. Great bit with Bill Murray.

Some coming of age French flick with the usual but much more intelligent teenage angst and starring an actress whose name I did not catch playing the mother of one of the slightly wayward girls and who is one of the most engaging actresses I have seen in a while.

Well, that’s all for now, most of the rest has been sleep.

I hope things are going well.

Will write again in a few days when I have a better idea of the location of my new residence.



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